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    The town doctor in the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games and usually a rival/marriage candidate. While in most games, he is simply known as "Doctor", in others he is given a first name such as "Alex" (Magical Melody) or "Trent" (DS and DS Cute).

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    Depending on the game, the village/town doctor's appearance and role can vary significantly. The only consistency in his behavior is that he makes regular house calls to the elderly residents, wears a white doctor's coat and lectures the protagonist about keeping healthy.

    Game Appearances:

    • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature - Simply known as "Doctor", he is the rival marriage candidate for Elli's affection. His physical appearance is a young man with dark hair and eyes. He runs the town clinic and will examine the protagonist's invisible health bar for 10g as well as care for anyone overnight who collapses. He has regular appointments with Elli's grandmother, Ellen to check up on her health. Though analytical and slightly lecturing in his dialogue, he cares deeply for the health of the townsfolk and is always looking to develop and sell new medicines. He is one of the easier villagers to befriend as herbs are one of his "liked" gifts.
    • Harvest Moon: A/Another Wonderful Life - In this game, "Doctor Harvey" is an elderly man with a slight hunch, red and white striped shorts, and an eyepatch. His slightly menacing appearance belies a gruff but kind man that worries about the health of the valley residents. He makes regular house calls to Romana, but always find the elderly woman in great health despite her age. Because Forget-Me-Not Valley is in a rural area, Harvey must travel from his hometown to the village. He enters from the exit road during the dayThe doctor in Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town games refer to him as unconventional in appearance, but brilliant none-the-less.
    • Harvest Moon: Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town - Same role and appearance as "Back to Nature," but now also a potential marriage candidate for the female protagonist (More Friends of Mineral Town only). He has more dialogue regarding a desire to find a cure for Lillia and Ellen's legs.
    • Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - In this game, "Doctor Alex" has a similar appearance and personality to "Back to Nature" and "Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town" and runs the town's clinic. The rival bachelorette for his affection is Gina.
    • Harvest Moon: Animal Parade - "Jin" is Harmonica Town's doctor that works at the clinic, with his grandmother, Irene, who mixes medicines. He is a young man with glasses, a low ponytail and Chinese clothing beneath his doctor's coat. When the Blue bell is rung, making the seas safe again, he will return to the village by boat. He is kind, concerned and also busies himself with the wellbeing of the town. The rival bachelorette is Anissa, the studious young woman that researches medical plants.
    • Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Same role as "Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town." He is now also a potential marriage candidate for the male protagonist. There are extra dialogue cutscene options that explore his desire to improve his bedside manner, allowing him to care better for his patients when they can be more open and honest with him.

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