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Dodge 'Em is a driving game with gameplay similar to that of Pac-Man.  The player steers his or her car around a square-shaped track filled with dots.  To finish a level, the player must drive over every dot on the course, while avoiding a head-on collision with an enemy car driving in the opposite direction.  The track has four lanes which both the player and the enemy car are able to switch between at four specific points on the track, so as to avoid (or cause) a collision.  Pressing the action button on the Atari 2600 joystick will accelerate the player's car, increasing its speed but also reducing the number of lanes the car can move between when driving through a lane gap.  

Game Modes 

Game 1: Singleplayer; the player gains points by running over dots, all while avoiding a collision with the computer-controlled car. 
Game 2: Multiplayer; player one and player two take turns playing against a computer opponent. 
Game 3: Simultaneous multiplayer; one player controls the point-scoring car, while the other player controls the crashing car.  When a crash occurs, the roles are reversed. 

Difficulty Switches 

Left switch:
  • A: Increases the speed of the computer car at set stage intervals.
  • B: The speed of the computer car is normal or slower than normal.
Right switch:
  • A: At the start of each level, the computer car appears in a random location.
  • B: The computer car always starts next to the player's car.

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