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    Created by Ankama Game, Dofus is a 2D MMORPG using a turn based battle system and features 15 unique classes. The game has a charming artistic aesthetic instead of a realistic 3D world.

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    Dofus is a 2D MMORPG set in the fantastical World of Twelve. The game was released on September 1, 2005 by Ankama Games.


    Character Creation - When creating a character, players have a choice between any of 15 unique classes. Players can then chose a variety of cosmetic changes such as; male or female and, the color of the default clothes and hair.

    Leveling up

    Leveling up is the main way for players to progress in the game. The game has 200 obtainable levels with a 201st level that is almost unreachable. Each level is obtained by earning experience points. These are earned by killing monsters, completing quests, completing achievements and, using experience scrolls.

    Achievements - The in game achievement system rewards players with experience points, items, kamas and, achievement points for completing a set of tasks. The more elusive achievements will also grant players with titles and, ornaments that can be displayed in game. All achievements are automatically started upon character creation and, only have a level requirement to collect the rewards upon completion. There are eight distinct types of achievements:

    • Level up - Awarded when the player reaches level milestones
    • Achievement - Awarded when the player finishes a set of achievements
    • Exploration - Awarded when the player visits a set of regions or, sub-regions
    • Dungeon - Awarded when the player completes a dungeon
    • Monster - Awarded when the player completes challenges against different types of monsters
    • Quest - Awarded when the player completes specific quest chains
    • Profession - Awarded when the player reaches milestones in their profession
    • Breeding - Awarded when the player successfully breeds different types of Dragoturkey


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