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    Dogs Bower

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    Dogs, Captain of the S.S Diana, and Co-Protagonist of Blue Stinger.

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    Dogs is a main character in Blue Stinger. He first meets Eliot after he saves him from a monster on the Dock on Dinosaur Island. He knows Eliot through his friend and fellow fisherman Tim, who borrowed his ship, the S.S Diana. He and Eliot try to find any survivors on the island and help them, all the while trying to defeat the monsters inhabiting the island through a Meteor that Crashed into the Island. He likes to frequent Rats' Bar and is known to have quite a large bartab there. Later through the game it is revealed that he's also the father of Janine King.


    He starts the game out with a giant Crossbow and can also wear specific shirts to learn different hand-to-hand Combat Styles like Wrestling, Sumo, Karate etc. He mainly uses Heavy Weaponry including a Big Bowgun (in-game description), a Super Bazooka, a Rail Gun, a Gatling Gun, and a Jumbo Club.


    • "Where's Tim?" (Asking eliot what happend to Tim when he first meets him)
    • "Tim Is What?! DEAD?" (referring to Eliot trying to answer the above question)
    • "I Dunno....I...Dont KNOW....Is That ESER's Answer?!" (referring to Eliot saying he doesn't know what happend to Tim)
    • "God...damn...sonofaBITCH!" (when Janine King tells him how she knows of him through his (apparentaly) really big bartab at Rats' Place)
    • "Let's go to Rats' Place!" (when the 3 of them try to figure out where to start on finding out what's going on)
    • "A woman?!" (when Eliot first mentions her name)
    • "Obviously you're gonna need some help, I can't let a wimp like you go alone!" (after Eliot tells him he's going to find and help any survivors on the island)



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