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124288 Velutha Game 07/10/20 09:43AM 90 done
124000 Velutha Game 07/08/20 09:33PM 24 done
123823 robertcallaghan Character 07/08/20 01:39PM 44 done
121028 bobafettjm Game 06/23/20 12:52PM 73 done
119399 reverendhunt Game 06/16/20 08:41AM 96 done
119294 reverendhunt Game 06/15/20 06:19PM 66 done
116044 reverendhunt Game 05/26/20 11:13PM 52 done
114691 Velutha Game 05/18/20 02:04PM 78 done
114368 reverendhunt Game 05/16/20 02:16AM 56 done
114330 reverendhunt Game 05/15/20 03:25PM 74 done
111551 bobafettjm Game 05/04/20 10:41AM 79 done
107243 Velutha Game 04/13/20 09:01AM 282 done
95021 Marino Concept 02/10/20 04:06PM 2 done
53708 TK_Frampt Concept SoE: The protagonist has a dog companion. FFVI: Interceptor is Shadow's dog. Mother 3: Boney the dog is a main character. Earthbound: King the dog is your family pet and helps you out in battle at the start of the game sorta. 06/11/19 12:04AM 8 done
53706 TK_Frampt Concept You can hold a dog in Skyward Sword. DQXI has a ton of dogs walking around the streets that you can interact with occasionally, including Sandy who is fantastic and wonderful. AC7 has an obedient .JPG of a dog. 06/10/19 11:59PM 6 done

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