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    Dojima Residence

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    The house that the protagonist and the Dojima family reside in.

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    The Dojima residence, seen in Persona 4, is the home of Ryotaro Dojima and his daughter Nanako. The game's protagonist Yu Narukami, Ryotaro's nephew, comes to stay at their home for a year while his parents are out of the country on business. While at home, there are a variety of optional activities that Yu can engage in.

    Things To Do

    Protagonist's Bedroom

    • Using the sofa, it's possible to read a book, which will increase a personality trait, such as knowledge or courage.
    • Using the table, the player can engage in various work. It is possible to make envelopes (more diligence will result in more money earned), translate (more expression results in more money). The player can also make a robot model if a specific quest is undertaken from the Fox. It is also possible to do volunteer work folding origami cranes, which results in a random item.
    • Knowledge can be increased by choosing to study at the desk.
    • The television can be used to check the weather for the coming week, and on Sundays can be used to watch "Tanaka's Amazing Commodities", which sells a number of rare/unique items. Furthermore, the television progresses the main story by showing the next victim on the Midnight Channel.

    Living Room/Kitchen

    In the main room of the house, there are also various things to do:

    • On select days, the player can pursue the Social Links with Nanako (Justice) and Ryotaro (Hierophant).
    • The television can be used to check the weather for the coming week.
    • On select days, the fridge is full, and can be used to make food for the following day. Preparing a school lunch and sharing it with a friend at school can boost the player's status with a Social Link if the food is prepared well. Interestingly, these recipes are accurate towards real life cooking.

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