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A traveling merchant found in very odd places in the world of Lodran. The player fist encounters him in the Depths near the doorway to Blighttown. After ringing The Second Bell of Awakening he will move to Firelink Shrine. He can be found underneath the aqueduct next to the corpse that holds the Ring of Sacrifice. A guide to getting over there from Firelink Shine is in this video. Domhnall sells armor unavailable anywhere else in the game as well as Crystal equipment. Speaking to Domhnall after defeating various bosses will allow the player to purchase their armor. Available armor sets include Gywndolin's Moonlight set, the Iron Golem set, Ornstien/Smough set (killing Smough last allows for his armor to become available for purchase and vice versa), and Gwyn Lord of Cinder's set (only available in New Game+). The player also has the option to purchase Domhnall's own armor.

(Due to how large the table would be, armor will only be listed in sets and souls totaled up)

Iron Golem SetAvailable for purchase after defeating The Iron Golem.27,000
Ornstein's SetAvailable for purchase after killing Dragonslayer Ornstein last. Does not come with red plume.27,000
Smough's SetAvailable for purchase after killing Executioner Smough last.23,000
Adventurer's SetDomhnall's Armor, always available.47,000
Dark Sun SetAvailable for purchase after killing Dark Sun Gwyndolin.40,000
Set of The Great LordAvailable for purchase after killing Gwyn Lord of Cinder. Players can purchase it in New Game+80,000
Armor of ArtoriasAvailable for purchase after killing Abysswalker Artorias.80,000
Crystal Straight SwordSword made entirely of Crystal. Cannot be repaired.4,000
Crystal GreatswordGreatsword made entirely of Crystal. Cannot be repaired.6,000
Crystal ShieldShield made entirely of Crystal. Cannot be repaired.4,000
Master KeyAvailable for purchase after he moves to Firelink Shrine. Unlocks most locked doors.5,000

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