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Though he is not the main villain, Domino Hurley is Manny's obvious arch-enemy; the Sephiroth of Grim Fandango. In the beginning, Manny dislikes him for being all that he wants to be: successful, respected and liked by his fellows. As the game progresses though, the player is shown more and more of Dom's darker sides: his greed, his self-obsession and his complete disregard for the people around him. Domino conspires with Don Copal and Hector LeMans to steal all golden tickets as a means to get into the ninth underworld, since they are all too evil to be allowed in by conventional means.

He is first seen in his office where is exercising. His contempt for Manny becomes obvious when the player engages in conversation with him, and one of the first main objectives becomes stealing one of his customers: Mercedes Colomar. As a result, Manny is captured by Domino and Don Copal and locked into a room in the office basement, from which he is soon to escape. A year later, Dom is forcibly taking Mercedes to a secret base at the edge of the world that has been placed under his command. Manny follows him, and only after a full year of travelling the seas does he find him. Dom is eventually killed in a dramatic scythe-out when his submarine is grinded to pieces by the coral crushers mounted on salvaged steamboat because his giant octopus is blinded by Manny who barely survives with help of two skeletal children with wings.

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