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    Don Copal

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    Manny Calavera's evil boss in Grim Fandango.

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    Don Copal is Manny's boss, but it's not clear how high up he really is in the company hierarchy. Supposedly, he is the head of the operative El Marrow branch of the Department of Death, but whether this makes him a director or simply a junior manager is never specified.Regardless, he is important enough to play a part in Hector LeMans' conspiracy to steal tickets for the Double N.

    According to Manny, Don Copal is very hard on his employees, except for Domino, whom he favors highly. It is not revealed if he does this because he actually admires Domino's competence, or if he does it simply because of the two being in the conspiracy together. The hypocrisy of Don Copal's dictatorial leadership becomes clear when the player breaks into his office, to discover that he has rigged his intercom to tell his secretary, Eva, that he is busy and must not be bothered whenever she tries to contact him. In reality he has climbed out his window to participate in the Day of the Dead festival.

    Don meets his end towards the end of the first year of the game. When the disillusioned and revolutionary Manny manages to escape El Marrow, Hector LeMans cruelly sprouts him, supported by Dom, who hopes to take over Copal's attractive position. Et tu, Domino?


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