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    Don Corneo

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A dilettante with a raging libido, Don Corneo can be found in his mansion in Wall Market, part of Midgar's Sector 6.

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    Don Corneo is the wealthy, corpulent owner of the Honey Bee Inn, a brothel located in Midgar's Sector 6 in the game Final Fantasy VII.  When Cloud and Aerith discover that Tifa has been taken to Corneo's manor, they concoct a plan to sneak in as well.  However, in order for the plan to work, Cloud must disguise himself as a woman.
    Within the manor, Cloud and Aerith meet up with Tifa and are asked to present themselves to Corneo so that he may pick one of them to sleep with for the night.  If the player acquired all of the proper disguise pieces in preparation for entering the manor, Corneo will actually pick Cloud as his potential lover, completely unaware of his actual gender.
    Whether or not Cloud is chosen by Corneo, the sequence in Corneo's manor ends with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith interrogating Corneo about Shin-Ra activity.  They also each threaten to take violent action against his family jewels when he shows hesitation to cooperate.  After they get the information they desire, they prepare to leave when Corneo springs a trapdoor and they all fall into the sewers underneath Midgar.

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