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    Don Frye

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    Don Frye is a retired Mixed Martial Arts fighter and pro wrestler. NIcknamed "The Predator," Frye has found success at both amateur wrestling and MMA. Bears a passing resemblance to the mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar.

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    Height: 6 foot 1  
    Weight: 219 lb (99kg) 

     Wins:                         20
       by knockout:              7   
       by submission:      11 
       by decision:              1
     Loses:                         8 
       by knockout:              4 
       by submission          2
       by decision                2
      Draws                         1 
     No contests                1 

    Don Frye has had early success in the UFC by winning the UFC 8 tournament as well as winning the Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournament.  He is considered one of the first "cross trained" MMA fighters, as he has had experience in collegiate wrestling as well as professional boxing before his UFC debut, and later on obtaining a 2nd degree black belt in Judo as well as experience in other disciplines.  He is arguably most famous for his career with Pride FC, most notably his brutal fight with  Yoshihiro Takayama, which is arguably one of Pride's most exciting matches ever.
    Don Frye has also become known for wearing clothes patterned with the American Flag on it.


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