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The title screen to Donkey Kong 3.
The title screen to Donkey Kong 3.

In Donkey Kong 3 the player controls a man named Stanley who is trying to defeat Donkey Kong. Stanley is a bugman who is protecting his green house from Donkey Kong, who is stirring up the bugs creating them to attack Stanley and steal his precious flowers. Stanley starts off equipped with a Bee Smoker but can upgrade to a super can later on. The whole game is based around Donkey Kong disrupting a hive of bees while Stanley tries to defeat Kong by repeatedly hitting him till he retreats and repeating the process till the last level. The player can lose the game three different ways: They can get hit by a bee or another object; they can ignore Donkey Kong for too long he will jump down and deal with Stanley personally; or they can let the bees steal all of the flowers.


Stanley tries to knock Donkey Kong down.
Stanley tries to knock Donkey Kong down.

Donkey Kong 1 and 2 had a very specific platformer gameplay mechanic and technique whereas the third Donkey Kong 3 has a change in gameplay, becoming more like a shooter. The game is a simple shooter which borrows many ideas and concept from an older game called Space Firebird. The whole game only consists of three different levels which makes the long term goal to protect the flowers from the enemy. Throughout these levels though are a fair amount of varied enemies. Attempting to deter Stanley are Buzzbee, Beespy, Queen Bee, Creepy The Snake, Buttifly, Stag Beetle, Moth, and Beebomb. Stanley (the protagonist and person the player controls) resembles the famous Mario by wearing suspenders, which are in this case blue. Stanley must protect his flowers from these insects as they try to steal and destroy them. While this is happening Donkey Kong hangs from two vines and aggravates the insects' hives and if not taken care of will come down and attack Stanley personally making the player lose a life. Stanley must use his bug spray to shoot the insects and shoot Donkey Kong to make him climb higher. The level is complete once Donkey Kong climbs to the top of the screen, or every insect is destroyed. Higher up on the vine is a power up that Donkey Kong will drop down once he reaches it. This power up upgrades the bug spray to Super Spray which shoots much faster, does not have a limited range, and destroys all insects in its path. Shooting Super Spray is the only way to destroy Creepy The Snake, who is only temporarily frozen by the standard bug spray. The levels just repeat until the game is reset or the player runs out of flowers to defend.


Donkey Kong 3 was originally a 1980s arcade games much like the other Donkey Kong games. It was later on ported to the NES, and GBA later on. The game is now available on the Wii Shop. The original game was released on the NES in 1986, and the emulated version on the Wii was released July 14, 2008 in North America and in Europe January 9th, 2009. The Donkey Kong series prior to 3 were known for dodging objects while platforming up the screen. This Donkey Kong took a different turn and turned itself into a "fixed shooter."

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