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    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released Nov 21, 1995

    When Donkey Kong is kong-napped by the evil Kaptain K. Rool, it's up to nephew Diddy (and his girlfriend Dixie) to traverse Crocodile Isle to rescue him!

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    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (known in Japan as Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy) is a 2D platformer developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on November 20, 1995.

    The sequel to Donkey Kong Country, Diddy's Kong Quest puts players in the role of Donkey Kong's nephew, Diddy Kong, as he must venture through Crocodile Isle with his girlfriend Dixie Kong to rescue his uncle from the clutches of Kaptain K. Rool. Along they way, they encounter new puzzles, traps, and animal companions.

    A direct sequel was released a year later, titled Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. The original game was later ported to the Game Boy Advance on November 15, 2004 (adding new mini-games and unlockable concept art) and digitally re-released on the Virtual Console for the Wii on May 21, 2007, Wii U on February 26, 2015, and New Nintendo 3DS on April 14, 2016.



    • Bananas: A common item in the DKC universe that come in singles and bunches of 10. Collecting 100 bananas will earn the player an extra life.
    • Banana Coins: Used as currency to purchase services from various members of the Kong family (i.e. Swanky Kong's Bonus Bonanza). In the Game Boy Advance version they can also be used to fight a rematch against a defeated boss. They can be found throughout most of the levels of the game.
    • Kremkoins: Used to bribe Klubba into allowing Diddy and Dixie access to the Lost World. These are given as rewards for completing bonus games that are accessed via bonus barrels. Typically there are two to three bonus barrels to be found in each level.


    Kong Family

    • Dixie Kong: Diddy Kong's girlfriend and one of the protagonists of the game. Dixie is slower than Diddy but can twirl her long ponytail to slow her decent helping her reach further distances. She can also use her pony tail to defeat enemies.
    • Diddy Kong: Donkey Kong's sidekick and boyfriend of Dixie Kong. Diddy Kong is quick and can use a cartwheel attack to defeat enemies.
    • Cranky Kong: Donkey Kong's father and the original Donkey Kong from the arcade game. He helps Diddy and Dixie by giving them tips and hints on levels. He is also the host of the minigame Expresso Racing in the Game Boy Advance version.
    • Wrinkly Kong: Wife of Cranky Kong. She provides a place for Diddy and Dixie to save their game.
    • Funky Kong: Owner of the Funky Flights service which allows Diddy and Dixie to travel to other areas of Crocodile Isle.
    • Swanky Kong: Host of the game show Swanky's Bonus Bonanza where Diddy and Dixie can earn extra lives by answering quiz questions.
    • Candy Kong: Only appears in the Game Boy Advance version as Swanky's assistant.

    Animal Buddies

    • Rambi: A rhinoceros who also appeared in the original Donkey Kong Country. Rambi is able to use his horn to ram into enemies and has the ability to jump on any type of enemy (including Zingers) without getting hurt. He can also use a special charge attack which increases his speed for a short amount of time and gives him the ability to destroy breakable walls revealing secrets.
    • Enguarde: A swordfish who, like Rambi, also appears in the first game. Also like Rambi, Enguarde possesses a special charge attack that increases his speed for a short amount of time and gives him the ability to destroy breakable walls. He can also use his pointy nose to pierce enemies.
    • Squawks: A parrot who also appears in the original game. Squawks can fly and is able to attack enemies by shooting pellets out of his mouth. He can also aid the Kongs by holding a lantern in his talons to light up dark areas.
    • Rattly: A Rattlesnake who makes his debut appearance in Donkey Kong Country 2. He can jump high and reach areas that the Kongs cannot. His special move is a charge jump that gives him the ability to jump extra high. He can jump on enemies to defeat them and, like Rambi, can jump on any type of enemy.
    • Squitter: A spider who also makes his debut in this game. Squitter has the ability to create platforms made out of web helping him cross large gaps or reach new heights. He also has a web attack that can be used to defeat enemies, and he cannot jump on enemies without getting hurt.
    • Clapper: A seal who, in Lava levels, can cool down the water for a short period of time making it safe to swim in for the Kongs. In one other level he actually freezes the water instead of cooling it down. This allows the Kongs to travel over the water avoiding the Snapjaws who lurk in the water
    • Expresso II: Not to be confused with the animal buddy named Expresso, Expresso II is an ostrich who is exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version of the game. Cranky Kong bought Expresso II in hopes of turning him into a racing bird. However, he starts out very weak and in order to build up his stats and increase his size the Kongs must collect golden feathers. Once he is strong enough he can be used to race against other ostriches in the minigame Expresso Racing.
    • Glimmer: An angelfish who only appears in one level. He helps light the way for the Kongs in the dark waters of Glimmer's Galleon.
    • Flapper: A parrot who is similar in appearance to Squawks except he is blue instead of green. Like Glimmer, Flapper only appears in one level where he helps the Kong descend through a hive of Zingers.


    • Krow: The boss of Gangplank Galleon, Krow is a large Mini Necky who wears a pirate hat. Krow will first attempt to drop an egg on the Kongs, then attempt to ram into them. He can be damaged by throwing his own eggs back at him. After taking a few hits he will begin ramming into his nest causing several eggs to fall out of it which can hurt the Kongs if they come into contact with them.
    • Kleever: The boss of Crocodile Cauldron, Kleever is a giant sword who is possessed by a lava spirit. Kleever will attack the Kongs by throwing fireballs at them and after a set a number of fireballs have been thrown and cannonball will spawn. This cannonball can be thrown at Kleever to damage him. After being hit several hooks will appear spreading out along the top of the screen and Kleever will begin chasing after the Kongs attempting to slash them. The hooks can be used to avoid this attack.
    • Kudgel: The boss of Krem Quay, Kudgel is a large kremling who looks similar to Klubba. He jumps into the air and attempts to land on the Kongs, when he lands he creates a shockwave which can paralyze the Kongs for a short period of time if they do not jump to avoid it. After doing this a few times he will swing his club then do a small jump which makes a TNT barrel appear. This barrel can be thrown at Kudgel to damage him. When low on health he will begin doing shorter jumps in quicker succession.
    • King Zing: The boss of Krazy Kremland, King Zing is a giant Zinger who is fought using the animal buddy Squawks. In the first phase of the fight he will fly around the room in a pattern, Squawks can hurt him by firing a pellet at his stinger. Once hit he well turn red (making him temporarily invincible) and fire 3 sets of spikes in all directions. After a number of hits, the second phase of the fight will begin. King Zing turn into a normal sized red Zinger and he will be surrounded by normal Zingers. In order to make him vulnerable to attacks, all the Zingers surrounding him must be defeated. Once they are defeated King Zing will turn yellow and can be finished off.
    • Kreepy Krow: The boss of Gloomy Gulch, Kreepy Krow is the undead ghost of the first boss in the game, Krow. He summons three ghost Mini Neckies to attack the Kongs, then one real one. After the Kongs defeat the real Mini Necky a barrel will appear that can be thrown at Kreepy Krow to hurt him. After he his hit he will fly upwards and the Kongs must climb up a ways to reach him. While climbing up, eggs will be falling from the sky which can hurt the Kongs. This pattern is repeated until the Kongs reach the top of his nest where one more hit will defeat him.
    • Kaptain K. Rool: The final boss and main antagonist of the game, Kaptain K. Rool is King K. Rool in disguise. He attacks the Kongs by shooting cannon balls from his gun in various patterns and by sliding from one side of the room to the other. He can be hurt by throwing one of his cannonballs back into his gun causing it to explode in his face. After he is defeated Donkey Kong will break free from his ropes and uppercut King K. Rool into the waters of the Lost World. After beating all the levels of the Lost World, the Kongs can battle King K. Rool again and defeat him for good.


    • Klubba: A large kremling who guards the entrance to the Lost World. He can be bribed with fifteen Kremkoins in order to gain entrance to the Lost World. Attempting to fight Klubba will cause him to whack Diddy and Dixie out of the area with his large club.

    Worlds and Levels

    DDK2 has a total of 7 worlds containing 41 levels. There is also a secret bonus world titled "Lost World" where there are 5 levels and a Boss fight.

    Gangplank Galleon

    1. Pirate Panic
    2. Mainbrace Mayhem
    3. Gangplank Galley
    4. Lockjaw's Locker
    5. Topsail Trouble
    6. Boss: Krow's Nest

    Crocodile Cauldron

    1. Hot-Head Hop
    2. Kannon's Klaim
    3. Lava Lagoon
    4. Redhot Ride
    5. Squawk's Shaft
    6. Boss: Kleaver's Kiln

    Krem Quay

    1. Barrel Bayou
    2. Glimmer's Galleon
    3. Krockhead Klamber
    4. Rattle Battle
    5. Slime Climb
    6. Bramble Blast
    7. Boss: Kudgel's Kontest

    Krazy Kremland

    1. Hornet Hole
    2. Target Terror
    3. Bramble Scramble
    4. Rickety Race
    5. Mudhole Marsh
    6. Rambi Rumble
    7. Boss: King Zing Sting

    Gloomy Gulch

    1. Ghostly Grove
    2. Haunted Hall
    3. Gusty Glade
    4. Parrot Chute Panic
    5. Web Woods
    6. Boss: Kreepy Krow

    K. Rool's Keep

    1. Arctic Abyss
    2. Windy Well
    3. Castle Crush
    4. Clapper's Cavern
    5. Chain Link Chamber
    6. Toxic Tower
    7. Boss: Stronghold Showdown

    The Flying Krock

    1. Screech's Sprint
    2. Boss: K. Rool Duel

    Secret Area: Lost World

    1. Jungle Jinx
    2. Black Ice Battle
    3. Klobber Karnage
    4. Fiery Furnace
    5. Animal Antics
    6. Boss: Krocodile Kore


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    The soundtrack was composed by David Wise and released in 1995.

    track list

    1. Opening Fanfare
    2. K. Rool Returns
    3. Welcome to Crocodile Isle
    4. Klomp's Romp
    5. Lockjaw's Saga
    6. Jib Jig
    7. Swanky's Swing
    8. Snakey Chantey
    9. Bayou Boogie
    10. School House Harmony
    11. Forest Interlude
    12. Funky the Main Monkey
    13. Flight of the Zinger
    14. Cranky's Conga
    15. Hot-Head Bop
    16. Run, Rambi, Run!
    17. Token Tango
    18. Stickerbush Symphony
    19. Bad Bird Rag
    20. Disco Train
    21. Boss Bossanova
    22. Steel Drum Rhumba
    23. Krook's March
    24. Klubba's Reveille
    25. Haunted Chase
    26. In a Snow-Bound Land
    27. Lost World Anthem
    28. Primal Rave
    29. Crocodile Cacophony
    30. Donkey Kong Rescued
    31. Stronghold Showdown
    32. The Flying Krock
    33. Kannon's Klaim
    34. Bonus Intro
    35. Bonus Defeat
    36. Bonus Victory
    37. Game Over

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