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Exactly what you'd expect.

This game isn't all that exciting or new..but it is fun. Yes there are some new bits of shine..minor motion controls and such, but overall I feel like I'm playing a game from the 90s.  
Controls: Ok, nothing special. There are a few motion controls. You'll be holding the controller sideways for this one. Which is fine, since I prefer to game while sitting. 
Graphics: Like everything else for the Wii..blech. I have a fantastic TV. Its huge with all the right features. My fantastic TV is wasted on the Wii. The game doesn't look just looks old-school. I imagine that I'd be more pleased with a much smaller TV.
Gameplay: This game is fairly difficult. I got it intending to play with my kids. They can't manage it. When Donkey and Diddy team up you can glide with Diddy's jet pack. The downside is that if you lose Diddy, many of the levels become really hard. 
The levels: A jungle level, a beach level, a cave The creativity is just blowing my mind. 
Overall, I'm gonna say rent don't buy. Its still one of the better games for the Wii..for whatever that's worth.

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