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    Donkey Kong Island

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    Donkey Kong Island is the location Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong call home. It is filled with many tropical fruits, hoards of bananas, and countless evil Kremlings sent by K. Rool.

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    Donkey Kong Island is an island where DK and his Kong friends live in the Donkey Kong series.  The island first appeared in Donkey Kong Country, featuring jungles, mines, forests and other environments. While DKC2 and DKC3 take place on different landmasses, it returns in Donkey Kong 64 as the hub world. (although the actual levels take place in several surrounding locations.)
    Many sub-series games such as Donkey Konga and DK: King of Swing take place on Donkey Kong Island, but it is not seen from a distance. 
    In Donkey Kong Country Returns, it is apparent that the island has undergone some massive terraforming since its last full scale appearance in DK64. The trademark Kong face has since crumbled away, likely caused by the recent volcanic activity. This also explains why Gorilla Glacier has been thawed out, resulting in a dry cliff area notable for its fossils and unstable environment.

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