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Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade machine
Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade machine

Donkey Kong Jr. is the sequel to the 1981 arcade hit, Donkey Kong.

This time it's Donkey Kong himself that needs rescuing and Junior has to try his best to work around four screens with themes ranging from jungle to power plant.

Mario is using his entire arsenal to keep Junior down in one of his few instances of playing the villain. Junior will encounter everything from birds and bear traps to electricity during his quest. Fortunately he can climb vines to escape and navigate and maybe drop a well-placed object on his enemies' heads.

Like its predecessor the game loops around to the beginning every time its four stages are beaten.


All scores are from Twin Galaxies, the world authority on player rankings, gaming statistics and championship tournaments, with pinball statistics dating from the 1930s and video game statistics from the early 1970s.

11,190,400Steve J Wiebe02/14/2010
21,147,800Mark L Kiehl10/09/2009
31,033,000Ike Hall08/16/2008
4957,300Billy L Mitchell03/19/1983
5953,500Antonio Medina02/06/1983

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