Donkey Kong Land 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released September 1996

    Donkey Kong Land 2 is the second game in the Game Boy franchise. It has more in relation to Donkey Kong Country 2 than its prequel did to Donkey Kong Country.

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    Donkey Kong Land 2 is the second game in the series starring Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong for the Nintendo Game Boy. Compared to the first DKL title, DKL2 shares more in common to Donkey Kong Country 2; it keeps the same storyline, worlds and level names, although the design and structure of the levels themselves has been changed so the game is not just a watered down port. The team-up mechanic which was introduced in DKC2 is missing here due to the Game Boy's limitations, but the Kongs' signature moves like Diddy's cartwheel and Dixie's helicopter spin have still been included, as have their animal buddies which still retain their charge-up "super moves" introduced in Donkey Kong Country 2.

    Compared to the original, Donkey Kong Land 2 has smoother control and better proportioned sprites, but the level of detail with the visuals has been cut down, particularly with the sprites which seem to tear every now and then while playing.


    Gangplank Galleon

    • Pirate Panic
    • Mainbrace Mayhem
    • Gangplank Galley
    • Lockjaw's Locker
    • Topsail Trouble
    • Krow's Nest (Boss)

    Krem Cauldron

    • Hot Head Hop
    • Kannon's Klaim
    • Lava Lagoon
    • Redhot Ride
    • Squawks's Shaft
    • Barrel Bayou
    • Glimmer's Galleon
    • Krockhead Klamber
    • Rattle Battle
    • Slime Climb
    • Kleaver's Kiln (Boss)

    Krazy Kremland

    • Hornet Hole
    • Target Terror
    • Bramble Blast
    • Rickety Race
    • Bramble Scramble
    • Mudhole Marsh
    • Rambi Rumble
    • King Zing Sting (Boss)

    Gloomy Gulch

    • Ghostly Grove
    • Krazy Koaster
    • Gusty Glade
    • Parrot Chute Panic
    • Web Woods
    • Kreepy Krow (Boss)

    K.Rool's Keep

    • Arctic Abyss
    • Windy Well
    • Dungeon Danger
    • Clapper's Cavern
    • Chain Link Chamber
    • Toxic Tower
    • Stronghold Showdown

    The Flying Krock

    • Screech's Sprint
    • K. Rool Duel (Boss)

    The Lost World (Klubba's Kiosk)

    • Jungle Jinx
    • Black Ice Battle
    • Fiery Furnace
    • Klobber Karnage
    • Animal Antics
    • Krocodile Kore (Boss)

    Differences to Donkey Kong Country 2

    • Overworld map has been flipped, as have most of the individual world maps.
    • Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay have been joined together to create Krem Cauldron; some of their levels have been transferred to Krazy Kremland. As a result the boss of Krem Quay in DKC2, Kudgel, does not make an appearance in this game.
    • Lost World is accessed as an entire world from the overworld map, instead of having individual levels accessed from each of the worlds via Klubba's Kiosk.
    • Removal of Swanky and Cranky, Wrinkly no longer gives out hints.
    • No team-up mechanic present.
    • Characters always transform into Animal buddies and cannot ride them.
    • Dixie's ponytail whirl now allows the player to hit B in the air at any time before hitting the peak of their jump.
    • While stages may have the same name as their SNES console counterparts, the level layout (and sometimes mechanics) are completely different.
    • End of a level is marked by a stand-alone target with no prizes for good timing.
    • Stages with water in them do not have dynamic water which raises and falls anymore.
    • Not all music has been ported over, as such many of the different level archtypes share the same music.
    • Music has been remixed by Grant Kirkhope (composer for Banjo-Kazooie and Viva Pinata) rather than by original composer David Wise.
    • No bonus stages are accessed via cannons with cannon balls, or by breaking through secret walls. All are found in bonus barrels.
    • Only 47 Bonus or Krem Coins to collect instead of 75.
    • Cat O' Nine Tails enemy has been removed.
    • Glimmer's Galleon no longer features the angler fish Glimmer; instead players must touch various barrels to light up the stage.
    • It's possible to complete the Rattle Battle stage without using Rattly the snake at all.
    • Slime Climb features toxic slime which hurts the player upon touching it instead of containing a dangerous piranha (Snapjaw in Donkey Kong Country 2).
    • Kleaver's Kiln fight utilises Krockheads that the player must use to cross to the other side of the battlefield instead of hooks.
    • Haunted Hall in Gloomy Gulch has been replaced by a regular rollercoaster level called Krazy Koaster.
    • Only need to scale one set of rigging ropes in Kreepy Krow fight.
    • In King Zing Sting fight, King Zing never shoots barbs. It doesn't matter where players hit him with Squawks the Parrot's nuts, and he won't make a barricade of Zingers around himself, only leave a trail of them behind him later in the fight instead.
    • Animal Antics is now entirely a jungle level.
    • K. Rool Duel is now set in a castle level, whereas Krocodile Kore fight is now set in a lava level.

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