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    Donna Burke

    Person » credited in 24 games

    She is the CEO of Dagmusic and often does both voice acting and music for video games. In addition to Dagmusic, she sells Hotteeze to markets outside Japan.

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    Donna Burke has done a lot of video game work from voice acting to the musical lyrics of some of the most popular games. She happens to also have a few cats at her work place, all of them being very friendly...albeit a little shy to new comers.

    She also can smell perfume and cologne from a mile away! She is very helpful to new people, and is often very welling able to help when things go wrong. She's an awesome boss!

    Donna is most known for the voice of Angela Orosco in Silent Hill 2 and Claudia Wolf in Silent Hill 3. She is the voice of the iDroid in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The Australian singer has performed for songs in the Metal Gear Solid series and in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. She sings "Heavens Divide" in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and "Sins of the Father" in MGSV.


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