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    Donnel Udina

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    Ambassador Donnel Udina is a human diplomat stationed on the Citadel. He thinks humans deserve more consideration in running galactic affairs.

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    Udina is first encountered after the Eden Prime mission. He is angry at both Anderson and Shepard for the events on Eden Prime, which he believes will damage Shepard's chances at being assigned as a Spectre agent by the Council. He is encountered sporadically through Mass Effect, leading up to a player decision at the end of the game to make either him or Captain Anderson the leader of the Council.
    Udina is voiced by Bill Ratner.
    In Mass Effect 3, Udina is secretly working with Cerberus into taking over the Citadel. He leads an attack there and has either Ashley or Kaiden being manipulated into helping him. Upon being confronted, he is killed either by Shepard or Ashley/Kaidan.

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