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    Don't Starve

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Apr 09, 2013

    A roguelike exploration/survival game from the creators of Shank and Mark of the Ninja.

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    Developed by Klei Entertainment, Don't Starve is a game based on surviving day-to-day in the wilderness. Staying well-nourished is the main requirement for surviving, and the game is primarily spent collecting food and various resources throughout the world. Don't Starve is played from a isometric viewpoint with the ability to zoom and rotate the camera, and features a crafting system which allows the player to create tools, weapons, and items to help survive.


    Wilson "The Gentleman Scientist"

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    Wilson is the first playable character. Unlike other characters, he can grow a beard. The beard can be shaven to produce beard hairs, which is used to create the Meat Effigy. Wilson's beard will also provide him a level of protection from cold in winter, depending on its length. His voice is

    represented by a trumpet.

    Willow "The Firestarter"

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    Willow is the second playable character. Her ability is that she is able to start a fire in complete darkness. Which can either be beneficial or dangerous. She is also immune to fire damage. Her voice is represented by a flute.

    Wolfgang "The Strongman"

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    Wolfgang is the third playable character. He has more health, larger stomach, and deals more melee damage than any other character, especially on a full-belly. He is also hopelessly afraid of the dark. His voice is represented by a tuba.

    Wendy "The Bereaved'

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    Wendy is the fourth playable character. At night, there is a chance that her ghost sister, Abigail, will appear and protect Wendy from any nearby hostile mobs. However, it is still possible for Wendy to take damage from Abigail if she moves too close to her. Her voice is represented by an alto flute.

    WX-78 "The Soulless Automaton"

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    WX-78 is the fifth playable character. He can eat stale or spoiled foods without any penalties, is charged by lightning, and damaged by rain. His voice is represented by what the developers refer to as "crazy, processed synth."

    Wickerbottom "The Librarian"

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    Wickerbottom is the sixth playable character. She can prototype all of tier 1 items without using the Science machine and gains an extra research tier from each of the science machines, meaning that only an Alchemy Engine is needed for access to all research. Her voice is represented by

    an oboe.

    Woodie "The Lumberjack"

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    Woodie is the seventh playable character. He starts with an indestructible axe called "Lucy," which he addresses as a person. If Woodie cuts down too many trees within a certain amount of time, or it is the night of a full-moon, he transforms into a Werebeaver. His voice is represented by a cello.

    Wes "The Silent"

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    Wes is the eighth playable character. He has the lowest health, hunger, and sanity than all the characters. He is considered "hard mode" for Don't Starve. He and Maxwell can only be unlocked in Adventure Mode. Developers confirmed, contrary to hopeful, popular rumors, that Wes does not

    have a 1% chance of dying upon performing any action. His voice

    is represented by terrible silence.

    Maxwell "The Puppet Master"

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    Maxwell is the ninth playable character. He is the second character that can only be unlocked by playing Adventure Mode. Starting out with a Dark Sword, Night Armor, Nightmare Fuel and one Purple Gem, Maxwell's trade off is that he has half as much health as Wilson. His voice is represented by a harmonium.




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    The axe is made from one twig and one flint. The axe is used to chop down trees to obtain wood. The Luxury axe lasts 4x longer.


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    The pickaxe is made from 2 twigs and 2 flints. The pickaxe is used for mining stones. Stones obtain rocks, flint, and gold. The Opulent Pickaxe lasts 4x longer.


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    The shovel is made with 2 twigs and 2 flints. The Shovel is also used to digging up plants, such as Berry bushes, and logs from the ground. The Regal Shovel lasts 4x longer.


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    The pitchfork is made with 2 twigs and 2 flints. The pitchfork is used to "pick up" the terrain. After picking up the terrain, the player can place it anywhere they want.


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    The hammer is made with 3 twigs, 3 rocks, and 2 strings. The Hammer is used to break down structures to receive some of resources it cost to make the structure, back.


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    The razor is made with 2 twigs and 2 flints. The Razor is used by Wilson to shave his beard.



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    The campfire is made with 3 cut grass and 2 logs. The Campfire is used to cook food and provide light during the night. Once the fire goes out, the campfire disappears. The Campfire can set fire to nearby trees, tall grass, etc., if not placed carefully.

    Fire Pit

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    The fire pit is made with 2 logs and 12 rocks. The fire pit is an upgraded version of the campfire, its more efficient, safer, and can be used again once the fire goes out.


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    The torch is made with 2 cut grass and one twig. The torch is held in hand and slowly loses its percentage. Once it hits %0, the fire goes out. The torch is used to create a small light that allows you travel during the night.

    Miner Hat

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    The mine hat is created with a straw hat, 1 fireflies, and 1 gold nugget. A miner hat provide a light similar to the torch. But, unlike the torch, the miner hat can be worn, so the hands are free to use tools. Once the miner hat is depleted, it becomes a regular straw hat again.

    Pumpkin Lantern

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    The pumpkin lantern is crafted using 1 pumpkin and 1 fireflies. The lantern can be placed to provide light to an area. The lantern will work for a period of time before falling apart. The lantern can also be smashed to release the fireflies inside.



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    A backpack is made with 4 twigs and 4 cut grass. The backpack is a wearable item that occupies the chest/armor slot. The backpack is used to carry around extra items, it provides 8 additional slots. The backpack can not be placed in a chest.


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    The trap is made with 6 cut grass and 2 twigs. the trap is used to capture Rabbits, Bees, frogs, redbirds, crows, and spiders. The trap can baited with seeds, vegetables, fruits, and meat. Alternatively, one can place the trap by the rabbit hole, and once the rabbit has gone inside, one can dig the rabbit out of the hole into the trap. A trap can be only be used 10 times.

    Bug Net

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    The bug net is made with 4 twigs, 2 silks, and 1 rope. The bug net is used to catch bees, fireflies, and butterflies.

    Fishing Rod

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    The fishing rod is made with 2 twigs and 2 silks. The fishing rod is use to catch fish from ponds, located in swamp biomes.

    Bird Trap

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    The bird trap is made with 3 twigs and 4 silks. The bird trap is used to capture red birds and crows. The bird trap, as well as the trap, can be baited to speed up the process.

    Straw Roll

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    The straw roll is made with 6 cut grass and 1 rope. The straw roll allows the player to skip the night but with a 50% hunger penalty.


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    The tent is made with 6 silk, 4 twigs, and 3 ropes. The tent is used to change the character. Afterwards the tent will disappear.


    Farm Plot

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    The farm plot is made with 6 cut grass and 2 manure. The farm plot is used to grow vegetables using seeds. Fertilizers, such as manure, can be used to speed up the process.

    Speedy Farm Plot

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    The speedy farm plot is made with 6 grass and 4 manure. It functions the same as the farm plot, but quicker.

    Ice Box

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    The ice box is made with 2 cut stones, 2 gold nuggets, and 1 boards. The ice box is used to store food, food inside spoils at half the rate.

    Turbo Farm Plot

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    The turbo farm plot is created with 10 grass, 6 manure, and 4 rocks. In functions the same as the speedy farm plot, but even faster.

    Crock Pot

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    The crock pot is made using 3 cut stones, 6 charcoal, and 6 twigs. The crock pot is used to create food using 4 food items. Different foods are made by using different recipes.

    Using the Crock pot, one can craft more powerful foods. Some recipes include:

    • Berry + Berry + Berry + Berry = Fruit Medley
    • Braised Eggplant + Braised Eggplant + Roasted Berry + Prepared Dragonfruit = Dragon Pie
    • Berry + Berry + Corn + Carrot = Ratatouille
    • Berry + Berry + Morsel(uncooked) + Seeds = Meaty Stew
    • Monster Meat + Monster Meat + Flower Petals + Stick = Kabob


    Official site

    PC System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.7+,
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 1+ gigs of RAM GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD5450 or better
    • DirectX: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB HD space
    • Sound: 100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers

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