Who here is excited to play Donut County this week?

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Tomorrow Donut County will finally come out on PS4, STEAM (PC and Mac) and iOS systems tomorrow. Curious if anyone here is looking forward to buying Donut County and what system they'll be playing on. In case those don't know what this game is, its a physics-based puzzle game where you are a mischievous raccoon that controls a hole on the surface of the Earth. The hole moves around and has laying things like rocks or animals fall through is and the more items and animals that drop into it, the biggest the whole gets. Its like Katamari Damacy except instead of rolling a ball to collect different things to make it bigger, its a hole. Plus the hole can do different tricks such as using a snake tail to move devices on the map or fill the hole with water and provide the water to a thirsty bird. Here's both the trailer for the game and for those PS4 owners, a dynamic theme you can it.

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#2 Posted by MobiusFun (249 posts) -

That is easily the best dynamic theme I've ever seen. I might get the game just for that.

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#3 Posted by alternate (2905 posts) -

Get Dan on the quick look. He is already great at being A hole.

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#4 Posted by JeremyF (344 posts) -

I'm very excited to play this game. And I hadn't seen the theme before now, but I love it.

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#5 Posted by glots (4266 posts) -

Bought it already, since it was just a bit over 10€ upon pre-ordering.

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#6 Posted by chrispaul92 (149 posts) -

I'll probably pick it up on PC. It's a solid week with both this and Kiwami 2.

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#7 Posted by cornfed40 (610 posts) -

Already preordered on PS4 since it was only like $11

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#8 Posted by Dan_CiTi (5193 posts) -

That is easily the best dynamic theme I've ever seen. I might get the game just for that.

I'm sold.

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#9 Posted by rawkpartee (16 posts) -

I’m defiantly going to check it out.

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#10 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (317 posts) -

It looks neat and I will definitely be picking it up. How do you get that theme btw? It is awesome.

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#11 Posted by Humanity (18643 posts) -

Not me, I don't even know what it is!

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#12 Posted by geirr (3752 posts) -

I do like that theme.

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#13 Posted by clagnaught (2113 posts) -

I just played and finished it tonight. That game is a delight. The levels don't have the scale as a Katamari, but it is a wonderful comedy game. It's well worth seeing it through for yourself if you are interested in donuts.

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I wish the game was as funny and as busy as the marketing made it seem. I refunded it after alt+f4'ing the ending sequence (Yeah its douchey but I did it...). The narrative just lost its charm after a couple "LOL"'s and I lost engagement after realizing, "Oh this game isn't getting deeper". It's a short game at around 2 hours for completion and at the price of $12.99 I wouldn't call it awful by any means but I would say it left me disappointed. Definitely a game I will occasionally think about and say "Man I wish that game went somewhere..."

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#15 Posted by dialthedude (35 posts) -
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Virtue's Last Reward Syndrome strikes again!

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#16 Posted by df (398 posts) -

I am, both happy and sad to hear it's 2-hour-ish long: Happy to be able to finish a game, sad to know it's a short trip.

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#18 Posted by Press_real (5 posts) -

Hah, I am in, for sure!

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Game was fun enough, but definitely expected it to rely more on puzzles and be, if not a 20 hour lasting epic, then at least a few more hours longer.

Kinda wish I would’ve realized it was out on mobile devices too, even if the PS4 price wasn’t that much more.

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I was excited after the quick look but then when I actually played the game I got bored after 3 levels.

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