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    Donut County

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 28, 2018

    A "whimsical physics" game in which players have control over a magical hole.

    guip1408's Donut County (PC) review

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    A strange and charming little game

    Donut County is a pretty weird game, it's really short (around 2 hours of gameplay max), it has a simple idea: you control a hole on the ground, and your job is to put that hole under things to swallow them, each time you get something inside, the hole increases, giving you more options to swallow next. Between levels, the story has some really charming and funny dialogue.

    Most of the game takes place deep down on earth, where the characters (animals) accuse BK of putting them there with his donuts (the holes on the ground), and each time someone tells their story, you play the flashback of what happened. The levels start to have some puzzle elements to it, beyond just swallowing everything you see in order of size.

    The problem is the lenght, like I said, the campaign can be finished in less then 2 hours, and that's it. There's no bonus levels, there isn't a type of arcade mode for you to keep swallowing everything in the world, like a Katamari game. The only levels you can play are the ones in the story, and they're pretty short. The game is charming and fun, but does not have a good Hour/$ ratio.

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      Donut County is an interactive experience that gets by almost entirely on it's charm. The game itself is exceptionally simple - put some stuff in a hole, the hole gets bigger, put more stuff in the hole. The game is backed by a down tempo soundtrack packed with relaxing acoustics that meshes perfectly with the simplistic pastel-esque graphical style. The story follows human Mina and her coworker/boss BK (a raccoon) swallowing the entirety of Donut County and it's anthropomorphic citizens with a ...

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