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A short charming adventure that feels much more at home on a phone than the PS4 version I played.

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But before I get into that let me give you a quick recap of what’s going on in the small town shop Donut County. Our protagonist BK the raccoon has a app that he has been using to deliver “donuts” to customers. But what they really get is a controllable hole in the ground that then gobbles up everything in a nearby radius. Things start to spiral out of control once most of the town gets sent underground. Thus most of the story is told via flashbacks and has a lot of silly quips that fit right into the aesthetics.

Nothing is safe from this magical hole in the ground.
Nothing is safe from this magical hole in the ground.

Visually this looks like a hi rez ps1 game which makes it stand out better compared to other small games. Plus the overly colorful nature of the world meshes well with the docent tones of the soundtrack.The mellow beats really do a great job of giving off a relaxing vibe even if everything is destined to fall into a hole. How it looks and sounds may be great but the game does have some tricks up its sleeve.

Although the main course is indeed dropping stuff into the ground. Finding the correct order is the main challenge this game has. With each level usually including a small puzzle that must be solved. They are all simple tasks that end up using some aspect of the hole in a unique way like lighting it on fire to cause a updraft. Or some snakes might just scare someone enough to set off a chain reaction. Which very much feels like a game I should have played one level at a time since they are all rather short. Which brings up my first point again.

While it doesn’t play bad on a controller the pace feels like it would work better on a phone. With the levels being so short it is rather easy to finish this game in two sessions. Since each of the levels are beatable in less than 5 minutes in most cases it very much appears to be best in small doses. Especially since it has no real replay value. Every level is made to be competed in a certain way with no variation. At best you can go back to get some trophies for a easy platinum.

It can be hit or miss but all the dialogue really goes a long way to make this a enjoyable experience.
It can be hit or miss but all the dialogue really goes a long way to make this a enjoyable experience.

So I may have wanted something a bit more replayable but that doesn’t mean the finished product is bad. The charming narrative goes a long way to create a silly world full of characters. While the gameplay is simple but it is really funny to just dump everything into a ever expanding hole in the ground. At the end of the day it’s a great little game that is worth playing.

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