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    Doodle Jump

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 06, 2009

    Guide your little alien pal from platform to platform as you continously try to jump higher while avoiding, or shooting, enemies. Jump, jump, jump!

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    Doodle Jump is a iPhone/iPod Touch game developed and published by Lima Sky. You play as a unnamed alien who, well, jumps from platform to platform.  The game allows you to post your high scores onto Twitter and Facebook. 
    On April 27, 2011 Doodle Jump was released on the Windows Phone 7 platform. This version of Doodle Jump was developed by GameHouse Live and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The Windows Phone version of Doodle Jump features Xbox Live and incorporates leaderboards and achievements.


    The game automatically jumps for you, all you have to do is move your iPhone/iPod Touch/Windows Phone left to right. When you encounter monsters or other foes, you tap the screen to shoot at them or just jump on them.  The higher you get, the harder things become. Spaces between platforms will grow bigger and there will be less of them. Also more and more will tend to break when you touch them or if you bounce on them for too long. There are seven different platforms all with a different color. Green is the standard platform, those won't have any effects on gameplay. Blue will move around left to right. Grey moves up and down. Brown breaks when you jump on it. Red and yellow both explode. The yellow platforms turn red in a few seconds and then explode, so you must be quick.  White platforms go away when jumped on and dark blue can be controlled by the player. One thing they all have in common are when get too far up, that platform will go away make it impossible to catch on a platform if you fall. 

    iPhone Updates

    With the 1.25 update, Game Center support was implemented. It came with no achievements and is used primarily for leader boards.

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