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Big Dood's Adventure is a customizable  puzzle platformer with the use of the uDraw Game Tablet. Levels, obstacles, enemies, and Dood can all be modified to add a personal touch to the game. Challenges and Puzzles are solved through the use of the stylus and motion controller enabled in the uDraw Game Tablet. 


Four Game Modes 
  • Pen Panic - An Arkanoid type of mode where the user uses the Stylus to bounce Dood through the level and demolish walls.
  • Roly Poly - Player use the motion-control feature of the uDraw Game Tablet to roll Dood around levels.
  • Bubble Trouble - A mode that utilizes the Stylus to navigate Dood through levels while avoiding objects.
  • Fan Frenzy - Dood is inflated with air and acts like a balloon where the Stylus is used to travel about the level.

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