Doom 3 or 3BFG (PC)

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I loved Doom 3 when it came out and now that BFG edition is out I was thinking about picking it up. Then I started hearing about how it kinda sucks on PC with its lack of options and no mods and so on. I can get doom 3 plus the expansion pack for 25 on steam then mod it to run in widescreen and add the HD mod and any other mods I wish. Is there any reason to get the BFG edition over the original? Also I don't care about the lost mission.

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If the QL was of any indication, stick with the OG version.

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After watching the QL, I don't think there is any reason to. If you like Doom 3, buy Doom 3. The BFG edition looks like it removes a few of the things that made Doom 3 unique (flashlight behavior & being able to use the flashlight at all times). And, as you mentioned, mods have made the original noticably more appealing.

At least wait until BFG is on clearance.

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No reason at all, BFG only exists because Doom 3 on the original Xbox wasn't the same game. Putting it out on PC is just them hoping to get a few extra sales.

The only thing remotely interesting that id or Carmack are involved in is the Oculus Rift, I don't think they've done anything of merit since Quake III.

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Probably not, you could also get the co-op mod and try that out too

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Unfortunately, what was shown in the QL made it seem like using Sikkmod with the original is probably the better solution. I feel that this was more of a console release than anything

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