Thief Fans, The Dark Mod's First Public Beta!

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The Dark Mod is a Doom 3 modification the developers of which aim to provide a new toolkit for the Thief fan mission communities which were disappointed with the Thief 3 offerings. It will include all the codebase required for a Thief game. The light and shadow interactions, the stealth element, the light gem, the AI, the models, the textures, the melee combat, the bow, the gadgets, the climbing, everything. On top of that, they'll also create a campaign of their own. This first beta gives fan mission developers all they need to start creating levels, while there also are a few missions for players not interested in the creation side of things to try out. Enjoy.

I'm downloading it right now so I can't tell you how far along it is, but remember, it's still a beta, and it's quite the monumental task to convert Doom 3 into a Thief game, which is why it's taken this long to get to this stage even. It's been in development for quite a long time, but at least by now you know the guys involved won't simply just quit at the first sign of trouble.

For those who want eye candy, here's a random youtube video. I don't know what settings it was run under, if the player knew what he was doing, or if it's even a decent mission shown as I haven't actually watched it so it doesn't necessarily represent the actual content. Explore the website I linked above to see examples of the very high quality content that is available for mission creators and, if this video fails to impress, at least you can rejoice at what the future holds for the Thief communities, as, again, that's their primary target.

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That's one pretty damn polished mod, especially for a BETA! I'll be downloading this right away.

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Fans do more than developers. Go figure.

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Well, glad at least one more person is interested. I watched the video and while the level is nothing spectacular visually and you can notice the odd flaw, this is pretty much Thief running on the Doom 3 engine which is pretty incredible if you ask me. I can't wait until the community releases some more high quality levels for me to play. I actually played through Thief 2 not too long ago and wow at how similar this is.

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Well, I downloaded it and it doesn't work for me. Bummer.

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Are you sure you did it right? You need to install Doom 3, patch it to 1.31, then download the file from their site, place it in the Doom 3 folder, run it, and it will start downloading the actual mod in Program Files\Doom 3\darkmod (about 1.4GB worth of files so you can gauge how long it will take), when it's done you can start it with the tdmlauncher.exe. It worked fine for me, I was just playing the training mission it includes (you can download some more from their site) and damn, it's rough, but it's totally Thief (and tough, I got owned in the stealth training). Need more :-)

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