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Doom Eternally Tiresome

So I'm pretty close to the end of the game, playing on Ultra-violence and honestly, this game stopped being fun a good while ago.

This plays nothing like Doom (2016) and might as well be called anything but Doom. The only thing they kept was how the monsters look (which they managed to actually make even worse than in Doom (2016)!. The gameplay loop has you focus on weak points, for everything, this means you are constantly kiting every enemy while trying to farm the weaker ones.

Battles become merry-go-rounds of the AI trying to follow you while you get pot shots off. It isn't fun and it leads to really uninteresting combat.In Doom (2016) you had to do extensive crowd management as the game threw loads of enemies at you at once, you'd weaken them up then you had the choice between getting ammo via the chainsaw, or heath via the mele kill. All that has gone, now you can ONLY mele the larger enemies and ONLY chainsaw the smaller ones. The core CORE part of modern Doom, that made it so good is gone. Replaced with the messy nonsense.After not too long it becomes tiresome having to constantly run around, picking up items, picking up health, chipping some health of and running away. This becomes especially egregious when coming up against boss battles, where they each have some sort of 'fun' mechanic in order to kill them. None of these are fun, they're just tiresome. The game really isn't hard either, it's just tiresome. Towards the end of the game the platforming becomes quite a big focus, again, this isn't fun. Grabbing onto poles seems hit and miss and how high you can get on double jumps seems all over the place.

If you enjoyed Doom (2016), like I did, I don't think this is the game for you.I'm so disappointed that I can't imagine I'll be finishing Doom Eternal. What a waste. I'm really not sure what lead the design team for the game to totally change it up to this extent, it isn't fun.


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