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Doom is Back!

Another incredibly fun FPS. Fast and tense action. Enemies shed flesh now as you lower their health, environments are spectacular throughout, even breath taking towards later levels. The jump puzzles are fun and do well to break up the combat encounters. Extremely violent, I winced at some of the new glory kill animations. With that said, there is a speed-bump here.

Upon playing for the first time, I found myself struggling as I was gravitating to how I played the previous Doom game, pretty much shoot with your available favourite gun, glory kill when you can and stay on the move. Only keeping in mind simple strategic thoughts such as save the rocket launcher for the big guys.

This time around, glory kills give you extra health, setting enemies on fire with the flamethrower gives armour, and the chainsaw gives ammo for all your weapons, enough to fill them to almost half capacity if they were empty. Enemies have weapons that you can shoot off, and for the cacodemon (flying enemy) shooting a grenade or sticky bomb in its mouth will stagger it (allow you to glory kill it). Glory killing charges up a 'Blood Punch' which is a super melee attack which can take out multiple small enemies, and can help you knock off the armour of a specific big enemy. You now have a double jump and double dash which requires frequent use in and out of combat.

Without going in depth on each and every weapon and enemy, basically there is another layer of thought the gameplay demands from you this time around. Personally it took some getting used to, over quite a bit of time, but it was worth it. By about the middle of the game managing my resources became second nature and in the level leading up to the BFG-10000, this songcame on at the beginning of an encounter. It was at that point I was thankful for the gameplay tweaks from the previous game. Mowing enemies down to such a fitting soundtrack is even more exhilarating when you're not allowed to make things repetitive. The previous game, as good as it was, did get repetitive by the end but that doesn't happen here.

YouTube™ Video: Mick Gordon - The Only Thing They Fear is You (DOOM Eternal OST) Views: 9,205,986Composed by Mick Gordon. All rights belong to ZeniMax & ID, no infringement intended. DOOM ETERNAL OST PLAYLIST - Enjoy!

Using mission select to get the collectables I missed is a blast, and feels kind of new now that I have most of the upgrades, so there is still a lot of replayability for me yet. Multiplayer is OK, 3 player matches, one plays the slayer, the other 2 play a big demon each. It's not as fun as the death match and soccer modes of the previous games' multiplayer, but it doesn't really matter for me as the campaign is phenomenal.

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