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    Doom II RPG

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 08, 2010

    Doom II RPG is an adaptation of the fast-paced gameplay of Doom II to mobile platforms, translating the game into a traditional first-person role-playing game.

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    Doom II RPG was first released in 2009 for a variety of mobile platforms, including Java platforms and Blackberry. The game was intended to translate the gameplay of Doom II to a slower pace so that the game could run on these less powerful machines. On February 8, 2010, the game was released on the iPhone, adding touch controls, a virtual comic book, and several other minor additions. Doom II RPG was developed by id Mobile, a division of id Software that has since been temporarily closed down in able to focus on Doom 4.

    The game follows one of three characters who are all part of a team to investigate a demon invasion on the Moon. The player encounters mad scientists, evil virtual intelligence, and eventually a portal to Hell itself in order to overcome the threat that has overtaken the Moon.


    One of the game's several bosses
    One of the game's several bosses

    In terms of gameplay, Doom II RPG is a turn-based first-person role-playing game. The player takes control of one of three different characters, then directing their every action. Each action consumes a turn, after which any nearby monsters will also take a turn. The game contains several levels from Doom II, and these are traversed in a similar way to the original game. The player still has to collect key cards, kill enemies, explore secret areas, and pick up items.

    Doom II RPG also adds more specific statistics for each character, including experience and leveling up. Players can collect UAC Credits and then spend them at vending machines for stat boosting drinks and healing items. Health and armor are also two independently handled stats, with separate healing items.

    In addition to exploring the map and killing enemies, there are several minigames that can be triggered to various effects. These are simple "hacking" minigames that unlock bonus rooms, reduce prices on vending machines, and unlock friendly sentry robots, while also boosting the "Intelligence" stat of the player.

    Playable Characters

    • Sergeant Stan Blazkowicz (descendent of Wolfenstein's "B.J" Blazkowicz)
    • Major Kira Morgan
    • Scientist



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