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"Gotta Go Fast" has a new meaning. 0

After the unsuccessful multiplayer beta, there wasn't much hope for the reboot of the grandfather of all first-person shooters. DOOM looked as though it's fate was already sealed as a major disappointment of the year. Even some of the initial trailers made the gameplay look fast but not necessarily DOOM-fast. And it seemed there was a very limited amount of enemies on the screen at once. But upon release, the concerns I had were abolished after the first couple of levels in the campaign.A few ye...

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It feels so good to rip and tear again 0

Still so beautifully dumb...It takes a certain audacity to reboot Doom. It’s freakin’ Doom. Doom was the game that popularized the FPS genre. It is the Mario of the PC. It is maybe the single most controversial game in history. The efforts just to release a Doom sequel in 2005 were mixed at best, and that game had the benefit of having co-creator John Carmack involved. This Doom been in development hell since 2008, has endured the company being sold, and was even scrapped and restart...

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Doom proves that gameplay can still make a really fun game 0

Rebooting Doom was no easy task and I had quite a few reasons to think this might not turn out so well. Those fears were unwarranted because this does exactly what a fan of the original Doom would have wanted. It brings back the frantic pace that has been lacking in FPS lately.This game looks great visually.At the same time it modernizes the mechanics of the classic games in a way you still have quite a few options even on a controller. The ye old weapon wheel is in effect for choosing most of...

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DOOM: Modernized 1

DOOM was saddled with one of the biggest problems that the old powerhouse studios of video game development have struggled with eternally: "How do we make a classic property in 'Year XXXX' feel modern and relevant?" After a rocky early showcase, I approached with caution, prepared for a middling sort of time at best. Instead, id Software defies all of that, delivering one of the most memorable, well realized, damned fun FPS experiences of all time."They are rage; brutal, without mercy. But you.....

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Demonic Invasion At An Awesome Level 0

The impact of the original Doom on the games industry can never be over emphasised. It wasn't the creator of the first person shooter genre as we know it, but it was the game that made the general public aware of the genre. So much was its influence that we called all other FPS games "Doom Clones"Over the years the genre has evolved from something that was more action based to something that is more story and set piece driven. It's the whole moment's verses scenes argument, and which one can cr...

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A Glorious Retro Future Return to Form 0

One might have thought this iteration of Doom, to be, well... Doomed from the start. Apologies for making you groan, but id Software has seemingly been in its own dark age for over a decade, and everything we knew about Doom before its release would suggest that id would remain there. It's been through several delays, rebuilt from scratch, had poor showings at events, its beta was poorly received and the critic embargo suggested that Bethesda might not believe in it anymore. But this 2016 incarn...

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A somewhat comprehensive and unnecessarily long campaign-focused Doom review 0

As I played through the intro sequence to Doom’s campaign, I initially found myself fixated less on the narrative at hand and more on the wild circumstances surrounding this game’s existence. It went through a long, tumultuous development cycle, during which first-person shooters had evolved into something completely disparate from the core tenants of the Doom series. 90s-inspired Arena shooters started to make a comeback in recent years, and Brutal Doom breathed new life into the fr...

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The most fun shooter I've ever played 0

It may sound a tad hyperbolic but the new Doom is so good, so incredibly good that I without question would say it is the best first person shooter I perhaps have ever played in my life.Truth be told it wasn't that long ago I had decided to give up almost all hope for the genre after the last shooter I truly enjoyed; Bulletstorm, failed completely to find a sizable audience. Not since that game have I been absolutely in love with an fps such as this.The plasma gun - aka dump your whole clip in m...

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Violent, loud, bloody and brutal - I wouldn't have it any other way. 0

[Note: I’ve had such a lackluster interest in the multiplayer components that I am omitting my thoughts on them in this review to avoid bogging things down with half-hearted apathy. Because of this, this review will be based on how the game performs as a single player experience.]I’ll have to admit I was feeling rather cynical about the announcement of a new Doom being in the works, figuring that we’d get an overly modernized take that has little relation to the original produc...

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The repetitive nature of DOOM undercuts the handful of great ideas. 1

Everyone who has played a first-person shooter of any kind has the original Doom to thank for many of the elements that still exist in modern games. This new version manages to introduce several new mechanics that reinvents the flow of combat in modern twitch shooters. Almost all modern shooters have regenerating health, which is a mechanic that disrupts the flow of the game because the player must remove themselves from the action to heal. In Doom, if enemies take enough damage they are suscep...

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The best FPS I've ever played. Period. 0

I own a PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, PSP, GBA, SNES, OUYA. 'Show off!' - one might say. But this is just to give a flavor of my gaming experience. For 20 years I've been playing games and different ones. Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo series - check. Older masterpieces like Soldier of Fortune, Blood, System Shock, Half Life - check. Now I can say that all the best a FPS can actually be exists in the new Doom. Namely:- Outstanding graphics- The plot- The deep gameplayEnough said by...

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Rip and Tear, Until it is done 0

DOOM is truly a masterpiece when it comes to a first person shooter campaign. The rush this game delivers you as you gnaw your way through hundreds of demons, never stopping because the DOOM guy would be bored otherwise, the sense of tension is so lost from FPS. There is no, take a break and hide under cover. There is no, just hang back and the NPCs will do half the work. There is no, tired out military personal we need to care bout as they blab about their exposition we don't care. Why do we ...

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Maybe skip the multiplayer 0

I've never been one for shooters and Doom has always come across as the epitome of the exact opposite of what I like in a game, mindless shooting.But with the mass gushing about this game and a very tempting Steam sale, I decided that I must know.This game is intense, I felt like if I played for more than an hour my head may explode, in a good kind of way this game made me into a fearless demon killing machine.Everything about the shooting, movement level and enemy design was spot on, everything...

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This is the game first-person shooters should be. 0

A couple of things to know about me up front: 1) I've never played a Doom game before, and 2) I'm not a fan of shooters. The only Call of Duty I've played is the first Modern Warfare, and I only found it decent. I tried Wolfenstein: The New Order a few years ago and couldn't get into it. I like the Bioshock games, but more for their environment and stories than their gameplay. I don't inherently dislike shooters, but other than Metroid Prime and Resident Evil 4, I wouldn't consider any of them ...

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Not as good as I'd hoped 0

I certainly don't hate this version of Doom, but I don't like it as much as I hoped I would. I paid $60 for it and regretted paying that amount. It just doesn't feel like Doom to me. It feels more like 'Alien Isolation' which is another First Person Shooter.When it comes to Doom, I loved Doom, Doom II and Final Doom. Those games made me fall in love with FPS games. But I don't enjoy playing the new Doom as much. I wish that I could like this game more than I do, but sadly, I can't. ...

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Doom, straight out of hell and development hell 0

Taking place in hell, from development hell. DOOM was a game most gamers could have safely assumed was a train wreck. There were no review copies given out prior to release, which is never a good sign (see Batman: Arkham Knight not giving out PC review copies). id Software had gone through massive staff changes, with John Carmack leaving the studio in 2013. On top of all that chaos, there was a Doom 4 game before this, that id scrapped completely and created what Doom is now. Doom was shaping u...

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Keep It Simple, Stupid 0

While I and about 50 other people would have adored a total throwback, DOOM takes the probably wiser approach and reimagines itself as a sort of AAA-budgeted take on what was once the domain of independent and modestly financed European developers: the "throwback shooter". Which is to say that the focus is not so much on capturing what Doom actually was, but instead how the mainstream tends to remember Doom as. The result is a game that is extremely fun and frantic, but loses the technicality of...

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Rip And Tear: Against All Odds Doom Is Game Of The Year 2016 0

I'm as shocked to say this as you probably are reading it: Doom 2016 is an incredibly good game.I personally enjoyed Doom 3, but many Doom-fans maligned it when it came out, and rightly so, because if we're being honest, it just wasn't a Doom game, and after the debacle that was Rage -- and to a lesser extent, Quake 4 and Wolfenstein 2009 -- I thought Id Software would probably never be involved in making a worthwhile game ever again, another former titan of industry now blinded by its own previ...

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An amazing single player game, let down by weak multiplayer components. 0

Doom is just as incredible a modernisation of decades-old gameplay as Wolfenstein: The New Order was 2 years ago. The games could go hand in hand with the kind of progression those original games they are updating in terms of what a revelation Doom feels like today when compared with the likes of other shooters, Wolfenstein included. Doom's single player campaign contains some of the best arena style combat of any first person shooter ever made. It's fast, tense, overwhelming whilst never confu...

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Holy Hell 0

DOOM is fun. DOOM is really fucking fun. Not the kind of fun where you're thinking "Gee whiz, the character development on display here is really intriguing. I think the red crystal symbolizes the lure of modern consumerism. Man, I can't wait to get past this next gun fight so I can decide which melodramatic fate to make Captain Dipshit choose for the people of Douchebag Planet DUI 17." Doom is the kind of fun where its three am and you've got to be somewhere at eight, and you haven't really sle...

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Doom is One HELL of a game (Kill Me) 0

Doom is exactly what a Doom game should be in 2016. It’s fast, gory, high-octane and chock full of Satan. If they weren’t past the point of self parody, it might be the type of thing that would cause a good-old-fashioned moral panic, and it’s better than I ever could have hoped for. Having grown up playing Doom, I wasn’t sure how to feel about the franchises’ revival. Especially after the multiplayer beta earlier this year. I’m glad I gave it a chance though, ...

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DOOM - Give it some upgrades and you've got the perfect shooter 0

Jesus Christ this game is phenomenal. Doom is definitely up there with some of the best single-player shooters of this entire generation. There are so many positive things to say about Doom that I don't even know where to start. I guess I could start by saying the gameplay is a polished reboot of the series and id Software has done a great job of making Doom stand out and be unique among a large crowd of mediocre shooters by making smart design choice after smart design choice, such as not havin...

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Nailed It (oops, wrong id Franchise) 0

Disclaimer: I was never a Doom guy. Growing up in the 90s, I knew of people owning PC's who would brag about the intensity, the ferocity that was id Software's revolutionary 1993 work. We all know the story, about how Carmack and Romero revitalized the industry, not only inventing the modern 3D first person shooter, but making it accessible in a way that made "playing video games" cool. A ton of baggage has been attached to this 2016 reboot, with a bafflingly lackluster multiplayer beta that...

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The Sweet Flow of DOOM. 0

One of the best FPS campaigns ever crafted, DOOM is a must play, even for those who typically don't enjoy FPS.Small tech thing: DOOM is extremely well optimized and has an incredible amount of options. MF DOOM is an anomaly among my enjoyed games. I typically don't enjoy FPS games all that often, the closest I'll come is something like Call of Pripyat or a first person RPG.To say I enjoy DOOM is an understatement. Doom demonstrates some of the most well done first person shooting mechanics I've ...

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