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Maybe skip the multiplayer

I've never been one for shooters and Doom has always come across as the epitome of the exact opposite of what I like in a game, mindless shooting.

But with the mass gushing about this game and a very tempting Steam sale, I decided that I must know.

This game is intense, I felt like if I played for more than an hour my head may explode, in a good kind of way this game made me into a fearless demon killing machine.

Everything about the shooting, movement level and enemy design was spot on, everything just felt like it was exactly as hard as it needed to be without being overly punishing, just fun, the weapon design and really everything about the weapons was great.

The story was fun, I think I went in with high expectations and while the story doesn't touch even mediocre adventure games, it was good enough and felt very new to me.

One hard crash and multiple instances where my weapon just stopped working and wouldn't switch was annoying.

What absolute garbage the multiplayer in this game is, Going from playing Overwatch daily to this is like a slap in the face. Any game where you can dump into an afk guy then have him suddenly jump into action and one shot me is complete garbage as far as I'm concerned.

Overall this game is an enjoyable experience and I'll happily play what comes next.

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