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Doomtrain is a summon or Guardian Force in the game Final Fantasy VIII that, when summoned, inflicts major negative status effects on all enemies.

The status effects are:

  • Sleep - Makes enemies fall asleep, affect can be cancelled by hitting a enemy.
  • Poison - Slowly drains enemy HP.
  • Darkness - Reduces the chance that the enemy will hit you with melee combat.
  • Silence - Stops enemies from casting magic.
  • Slow - Slows the enemy ATB gauge.
  • Stop - Stops the enemy completely making them useless in battle.
  • Berserk - Forces the enemy to use melee attacks, also increases damage dealt.
  • Vit 0 - Makes the enemy vulnerable to physical and magical attacks.

Obtaining Doomtrain

Getting Doomtrain to join your party requires the following items. Soloman Ring, 6 Steel pipes, 6 Remedy , 6 Malboro tentacles. These items also create the number 666 which is a reference to The number of the Beast. Once all these items have been collected the Soloman Ring can be selected and Doomtrain will join the party.

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