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The Devil, long ago, was sealed away using the three Fairy Spirit Stones. One day the Devil escaped and began a war on the people of Fairy world. The Princess of the Sky in part of the Fairy world is asked by her father to go to the human world and get Doraemon's three-dimensional pocket. When she enters the human world an Evil King, in the form of a bat, steals it away. She chases after the Evil King back into her world and disappears. Doraemon Nobita, along with his friends, to try and get his pocket back. When they arrive they realize the princess has turned into a small fairy with wings, she tells them the Devil turned her into this form but that she managed to get Doraemon's pocket back. Doraemon must now get the Spirit Stones back from the three worlds in order to change her back and stop the Devil.
There are three main areas each with four levels, and in each main area is a piece of a Fairy's Spirit Stone, and a kidnapped king who has the power to put that areas stone back together. Each level is a standard platformer with jumping and shooting. Four other levels change the gameplay up with riding a dinosaur and dragon, driving a car, and flying a hat. The playable character can be switched from the start menu, there are a total of 6 characters each with their own set of special abilities. 

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