Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 12, 1986

    One of the earliest video games based on the Doraemon franchise. It was released exclusively in Japan for the Famicom by Hudson.

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    Doraemon, based on the manga and anime of the same name, is a sci-fi adventure game where a robotic cat is sent back in time by its young master to help improve the fortunes of his master's distant ancestors. Doraemon has various futuristic gadgets at his disposal, but they're often used irresponsibly by Nobita, the boy Doraemon was sent back to assist.

    In the game, Doraemon is trying to rescue his human friends. He travels across three distinct worlds to track down those who kidnapped them. Each world was created by a separate designer and contains a different type of gameplay: The first is a Zelda-like top-down action-adventure game where Doraemon must deduce the correct path to the boss by travelling a large overworld and uncovering hidden tunnels and doors to smaller areas containing useful items. The second is a side- and vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up where Doraemon must navigate through the enemy's stronghold. The third and final stage is an aquatic side-scrolling platformer.

    Though hugely popular in Japan at the time, due largely to the license, Doraemon was never localized into English. There is very little text in the game, however, so it is quite playable for non-Japanese speakers.


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