#BIGPLAYS: Seductive Doom

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#1 Posted by Flavbot (202 posts) -

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I love this. Greatest moment of Daily DOTA so far.

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#3 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Already liked that video, I can't do it twice.
@mattbodega is such a sexy doom.

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#4 Posted by TheHT (14787 posts) -

hahaha, that's great.

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Seen this live, good thing i was sitting

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#6 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

The very definition of #bigplays.

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#7 Posted by madpierrot (92 posts) -

This goes down as an all time legendary GiantBomb moment along side the likes of "Big Jeffery", "Lets watch a pro" and Flight Club P-51D opening the window.

Daily Dota is the best feature going up on Giantbomb now.

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#8 Posted by Matt (1086 posts) -

God I couldn't stop laughing! All I could do is get my ult off and hope for the best while the other guys cleared it up. I just didn't think it would work! #newmeta #sexyplays

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That was way too funny. I'll submit this on Reddit/r/dota2 if that's cool.

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Found this one on reddit, never be cocky.


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