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There still seems to be a lot of buzz around Dota 2 considering Brad is continuing his obsession at a furious pace. One of the more interesting things that often seems to pop up in the comments under the Daily Dota videos is that people who don't even play the game seem to enjoy watching it. There was another thread on this forum highlighting some good pro player/caster/whatever Dota 2 streams, but I don't think I've seen any list of the likely various streams that community members have (I know of at least four off hand, but I won't post them unless they want them public). I'd like to change that.

So, here's how this will go. Post a link to your stream, and optionally, some information about what type of content you mainly stream (i.e. casting, low, medium, or high level matchmaking). I'll try and keep this top post edited with the new links whenever I have time.

Community Streams

MarekkPie - Mainly casting the various in-house private matches of the day. Some random low level matchmaking when my Internet connection isn't completely borked.

Grant 'The Granary' Scott - professional-levelcasting

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Just watched your stream from the 23th, it's nice to rewatch your latest game with some commentary from you Marek. Should definitely do this again.

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These streams help keep me sane through my mast weeks of school/last weeks without a PC

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I'm working on setting one up; currently my twitch still redirects to so I'm trying to get that sorted out first.

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Here's the video feed for archives.

EDIT2: (Here's the highlight archive for the the first couple days of videos, when it was still redirecting to JTV.)

Stream set up, though it still redirects to currently. Still trying to get that sorted out.

Here's some of the professional-level commentary and play you can hear on my channel:

Loading Video...

EDIT: looks like embed not working? here's the link if not. Game features a Rapier feed and #bigthrows!

EDIT2: I think I'm probably happier with the casting on this one. We saw some textbook Enigma play in a lowbie inhouse featuring HUGE Black Holes.

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I must secretly be a giant narcissist because watching a replay of a game you played with commentary is really awesome.

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@woutr said:

I must secretly be a giant narcissist because watching a replay of a game you played with commentary is really awesome.

Hell, I'm rewatching the games I casted, lol. I think it's a good learning experience.

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