Daily DOTA Grudge Match: Ninja Edition

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As some of you may be aware, last week's Daily DOTA took a very different format in the live-stream than what we've seen, so far. It didn't have any of the Daily DOTA gang talking, Jeff was involved and there was a plethora of ninjas. Piqued your interest, have I?

It was the grudge-match (which I set up) between the Daily DOTA gang and the winners of the GB tournament (which I set up), team "Just Gotta' Believe" aka "GAF", cast by some of our community's pillars, Grant, the main caster of the tournament, aka @ajamafalous, and player extraordinaire Blackmoore aka @do_the_manta_ray (cough). Unfortunately, this version of the stream has yet to actually appear on the site, probably due to an overabundance of ninjas. So for them fellas who were interested, I thought I might include the link in here.

To clarify, this is a very different video to what was archived on the site.


Edit: For those of you who hate ninjas, here's the games as streamed via Grant's channel. The audio levels are much better, though it is lower resolution and ninja-less.

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The ninjas were fine! And as I wrote, it is kind of surprising one of the agi assassin heroes didn't turn out to be a ninja. And I sort of like Jeff's brand of "levity" for Dota 2 though.

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