Dota 2 will be at MLG Columbus, this November 2013

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This might be a big deal for the North American Dota 2 scene, which aside from The International hasn't had any tournaments this big.

Also of note, Starcraft II will not be at MLG Columbus, which is kind of weird considering how much of MLG's current popularity came from its SC2 coverage in the past few years.

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It's certainly nice to get some more LAN tournaments, especially in the US. On the other hand, I really hate MLG and its the embodiment of all the gross aspects of ESPORTS. I'll probably try to have the stream up just to support DotA 2 and to encourage them to do some more, but I'm completely expecting MLG to find a way to fuck this up and doubt they'll keep up with it for very long before they quit covering all non-LoL games.

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@lively: Holy shit. I live three hours from Columbus. I want to go! Thanks for posting this.

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I am slightly disappointed in myself that I am not more excited about this event. I have been attending MLGs since they picked up Starcraft in 2011. This past year was just a major letdown both for support and for the quality of the event at Anaheim. The seating was bad, the sound was some of the worst, organization of the venue was just a big cluster. Some of the sponsors like the pretzel girls who were walking around giving out pretzels in all just felt gross. The best part of 2013 was the Infinite Crisis booth because the employees were some of the coolest guys at the event. We spent most our time chatting with them about various stuff rather then watching the games.

Then when they dropped SC2, it just seems that they are rapidly growing into an advertising organization for these games. With both Riot and Activision giving monetary support for MLG having League and Black Ops, the whole company has just began to feel dirty. I don't doubt that more money on LAN is good for the NA scene. However I just have been so down on MLG ever since Anaheim 2012, that I just can't get super excited for this event.

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I'm trying to convince my friend to go with me. We live 2.5 hours away so theoretically we wouldn't even need a hotel.

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