I'm done with dota 2 for a while

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I can stand the hate. Whether its because I'm using a new character, having a bad game, or just being outplayed; when the the eventual blame game comes, its usually from one person. So just admitting i suck for whatever reasons usually brings out the helpful side of others. I usually just refrain from insulting others and eventually that one person on my ass will turn around or he will start looking like a jackass. If it doesn't work out that way, I can strug it off usually no problem. after all its just a game, and just like real life, you are going to run into jerks.

However, I encountered something new today. I''m not sure if he was trolling or really just an asshole. The game didn't start off smooth, we had a trilane with one jungler, so obviously the single lane can only hold out long enough before they get run over. Its going to happen, at least in my level of play, the only thing is can the trilane get some kills or the jungler get enough levels in time to make it worth while?

Yeah, things didn't go well. we were down 5 to 9 when we lost one tower, and the mid lane guy was just flipping out and calling gg. Unless we are down by more than ten kills overall / a fuck ton of towers got taken out with thiers standing happy, I don't call a gg. Well this guy decides to go into full troll mode. I mean he's deliberately using his skills just too late, he's constantly just bitching about the whole game in the text, the works. I mean the stuff he did, he must be good at the game to sabotage each teamfight. I didn't even notice it until after I was one of the first ones dead and just observed what this troll did.

Funny thing is, when the jungler got enough levels to join in the team fights, we caught back up. But it didn't matter, since at that point he was determined to make sure we lose. Even if we won a team fight, he would stand there while the rest go on to heal or move to the next objective. He would feed, just enough to not have an obvious end game score that he was feeding. I mean other trolls can take notes on this play. Anyway, we would finally lose and both teams said they had reported him. I honestly don't mind the lost if he had been a noob player doing the same shit. Trolls be trollin' and if he was who he claimed he was, its just that much more sad really. A part of me really hopes that the guy was young and just going through a phase in life. Cause it would be even sadder if he was a grown man doing this.

For those of you that are interested the match ID was 203823700.

My overall take from that game was a wake up call to stop playing the game for at least the week if not longer. Its like the same feeling you get when you start looking up really weird shit on the internet, or find out there's wanted signs for a flasher in the neighborhood park. You just say to yourself, that you need to distance yourself away for a while since there's plenty of other stuff in your life that is worth your time. I really don't know why I was affected enough to write this, but I guess the troll was effective enough to make me want to get this off my chest.

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If both teams reported him then I'm sure he'll eat some form of reprimand. I get the "thanks for reporting etc." message for about 75% of the people I report.

At the end of the day, it's like you said: just shrug it off, mute the guy, report him, and move on.

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I loved the internal logic of that Zeus. Spends the first 15 minutes calling his team shit, gets called a shit in team chat (I'm just assuming since there's no team chat in replays), then gets his feelings hurt and refuses to join team fights.

There also was an early fight near Dire middle tier 1 tower where Magnus comes charging in from high ground, RP in tow, and the team scatters (as they should). Zeus, however, stands there and takes it, dies, and then bitches about how his teammates are all scared of enemy heroes.

I also wouldn't say his feeds were that hidden. He would often go to super pushed lanes and solo farm right next to the enemy tower. There was a TP in, clearly Slark, and he figures "Man up time!" Welp, Slark instantly pops his ult, and Zeus can't do shit. Pounce, dark pact, right-click, dead Zeus.

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the more i hear about this game the more it puts me off :/

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I did not even have to read more then your title to know why you wanted to quit. The community is one of the worst if not THE worst video game groups out there.

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You'll run into the occasional asshole. The best way to avoid this is to 5 man it with friends.

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It is very unfortunate, but this type of stuff is inevitable. All it takes is one dude out of ten to ruin an hour of everyone's time. All you can really do is just report him and move on. He isn't worth the time or headache. Honestly, the best advice I can give you (after playing billions of hours of Dota) is to just step back, take a day off, and then come back fresh. Pick up some other games, go workout...etc anything to take your mind off it for an hour. For every awful person like this, you will meet a wonderful person who becomes someone you play with on a regular basis.

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