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I was wondering what people wanted from events?

Just looking for opinions here, from new events or different days/hours for some inhouses.
Especially cause i have not been able to be at the Daturday inhouses i set up in the Giant bomb Dota 2 group.

More inhouses? Stupid ideas like all random all mid, inhouses with the 'ultimate challenge'?


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Inhouses are always a good idea, but also a pain the ass to do. It never fails that there are some people who are really good and some people who are really bad. There is a 50/50 chance someone will get upset and rage quit. Then you get the people who will only play with their friends and has everyone on voice chat against a group who has never met before. If the game is a beat down, then some people from the losing team wont play another. I have just had nothing but bad experiences with community type Inhouse games. We tried to have a Dota Insight Inhouse night for a few months, we got a lot of people and was able to set up 2 or 3 games at a time...but it never failed to crash and burn and some people had bad experiences. Then you feel really shitty that some guy who has less then 50 games played was looking for a good experience then gets raged at because someones ego is hurt in a game that doesn't mean anything.

Inhouses are great when you can find a 5v5 organized competitive game or find 10 people who are all of the similar mindset of not caring if they win/lose but wanting to get better.

I think stupid games like reverse cm and all mid are the way to go for community events. People realize those really don't mean anything and do a good job about bringing people together. Another good thing is coaching / training night. Where you can grab a few new players and either play co op vs bots / customs in which an experienced player can get on voice chat and answer questions and give gameplay tips. With the guide system, skills and items are now super easy. However the untaught things like lane equilibrium, in what situations you should be pulling back, when to smoke gank, the hero power curve...etc all are things that can be extremely beneficial to new players but are things that you can't really read a guide and learn..they come with experience.

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yup, that is a very real problem.

I'll try setting up some random fun things this month to try it out.

And i have thought about some games where more experienced players help out new ones, and i heard some new people being a bit intimidated by the game so that might help. I should try ad get an idea on how many people are interested in that.

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I agree witih Finch; I love the idea of inhouses but the execution can be extremely messy. Fun random games definitely sound like an improvement.

I'm completely in love with the "Training Night" idea. We find a bunch of people who are nice and knowledgeable and pair them with noobs - maybe 2 trainers to 3 trainees for a full team of 5? Then they can inhouse, play against bots, matchmaking, whatever. It would be a great way to introduce new people into the community as well as give people access to experienced players with positive attitudes. I'd be more than happy to help with that, time permitting.

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