Looking for 1v1 sparring partners (very-high level)

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Was wondering if any very experienced players on here are interested in setting up lots of sparring matches (Mid Only). I've been looking to refine my skills (been letting myself get rusty lately) and add more builds/play-styles to my common mid repertoire (things like Medallion rush, OoV starts, etc.).

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I feel I also could use a bit of training when it comes to Mid, although i might not fit in 'very-high level'

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Heeeya, Crispy. Blackmoore here. I reckon I'm like to give you a run for your money with a majority of the mid hero-pool and solidly kick your ass with a few. That said, there are a couple of mid heroes that I really need to work on as I have barely ever played them, and I'd appreciate your input, a couple of examples are Storm Spirit, Pudge or Puck. I really don't agree with OoV starts, though, save for on a couple of heroes, Razor say.

@cheappoison and I have actually been toying with the idea of setting up a 1v1 tournament to tide folks over until the next major tournament. I'll see if Grant might be willing to stream a couple of practice matches, that way we might be able to raise interest for both our causes and have a bit of fun to boot.

Just ask me anytime and we'll see how it goes.


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