Looking for a Dota 2 group? Form a Giant Bomb team here!

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#51 Posted by Molenator85 (249 posts) -

Steam Name: Molenator785

Location: Easter Time, late night

Experience: Beginner to Dota 2, some LoL experience

Favorite Hero/Role: Sniper-Mid

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#52 Edited by Tozzup (2 posts) -

Steam Name: Tozzup

Location: EST

Experience: Beginner, I guess

Favorite Hero/Role: Support/Semi-Carry

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#53 Edited by EgoPoisoning (51 posts) -

Steam: EgoPoisoning

Location: Mountain, playtime mostly in afternoons (post-2pm when I'm done with my students), evenings when the wife and I aren't playing LoL. May try to get in a morning game pre-11 some days tho.

Experience: New to DotA and mostly play bots on med/hard. Well experienced in LoL, Smite, and Awesomenauts. Don't tend to play games for any sort of ranking though.

Favorite Hero/Role: Just got into the game this week due to the Bombcast reigniting my interest. Haven't settled into a set role yet, though I tend to like pushers and bursty dps. Sampling characters but so far enjoy-
(Note this is on the strength of one super-satisfying game, and could be a fleeting fancy)

I've never been much for picking a single character and mastering them; different moods call for different playstyles.

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#54 Posted by DrHawking (218 posts) -

Steam ID: drhawking

Location: EST. Usually free around 7p.m.-Midnight on weekdays/ends

Experience: I'm a complete novice to the genre coming from Starcraft

Favorite Role/Hero: Haven't played enough to where I have that figured, but I think i might learn towards support-oriented characters.

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#55 Edited by GaspoweR (4892 posts) -

Your steam name Wytpony

Location and availability CST/CDT weekends

Experience Beginner-Intermediate (started playing DOTA-Allstars in 2005 and stopped playing/watching regularly in 2010 so I'm not updated with the new heroes, balance changes, ability changes, etc.)

Favourite Hero/Role Barathrum/Spirit Breaker, Riki

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#56 Edited by VarkhanMB (209 posts) -



(don't laugh, I've had this account for 10 years...)

Location: East Coast (Canada)

Experience: Beginner (utterly shitty, I keep trying to get in and can't get the hang of it)

Favourite Hero/Role: I'm liking AGI-based heroes so far. Some INT (Lina I think?) seem cool, too

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#57 Posted by TooSweet (522 posts) -

Steam Name: poompow

Location: East Coast

Experience: Beginner (will be starting this week after some craziness)

Role and Hero: No idea. Will be looking at recommended beginner heroes per some documentation I read and starting with that.

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#58 Edited by loiv (48 posts) -

Steam name: loiv510

Location: Europe, Estonia

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: Learning Lion

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#59 Edited by schnoo (221 posts) -

Steam: Schnook

Location: Sweden(EU/USE)

Experience: Veteran, 1500 games

Favorite Hero/Role: Magnus/I play most roles, though I tend to stay away from the mid lane.

Add me on steam for some very high skill matchmaking. New players, feel free to ask me anything.

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#60 Edited by rambo35 (18 posts) -

Steam name: rambo.underscore35

Location: western europe (England)

Experience: newbie, played a couple of games to get a feel for it

Hero/Role: I like necrolyte so I suppose that means im game for support

Im only playing the odd game every couple of nights

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#61 Posted by DeadVillager (80 posts) -

I started playing Dota 2 about two months ago and I'm super pumped that Giant Bomb is starting to get real into it.

Steam name: Dead Villager

Location, Availability: CST, weekends

Experience: Intermediate? 316 hours played.

Favourite Hero/Role: Death Prophet, support / lane pusher

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#62 Posted by PorkChopExpress (6 posts) -

Steam Username: Pork Chop Express

Location: US West (Mountain). On every evening for a few games. On most weekends.

Experience: beginner - intermediate (200+ games, level 13 currently)

Favorite Hero/Role: Omniknight, Crystal Maiden, Lina, Earthshaker. Play support 90% of time.

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#63 Posted by Yohosie (45 posts) -

Steam ID: gaydad69

Location: EST, Florida

Experience: I play League a bit, but not really serious into it. Come from the fighting game community. So Beginner, but not an idiot

Favorite Role/Hero: I'm all over that support role baby!

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#64 Posted by bearfield (43 posts) -

steam name: bearfield

location: CST

times available: nights, weekends

experience: beginner. I've read a few beginner's guides and I feel like I understand most of the mechanics fairly well. I'm still sussing out the finer points of character builds

favorite hero/role: zeus / need to learn someone else. i think I like nukers

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#65 Posted by Pimpsandwich (85 posts) -


Location: Northern Europe, GMT+1

Experience: I've played a decent amount of League of Legends, but Dota 2 definitely feels different, so not gonna say I'm confident at all with my skills in it yet.

Favorite Role/Hero: In League at least I try to play as many roles as possible, though I gravitate mostly towards support and mid characters. So stuff like that, I dunno?

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#66 Posted by surferz (101 posts) -

Steam ID: surfer1z

Location: US East

Experience: Beginner

Favorite Role/Hero: Not enough experience to say

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#67 Posted by Warchief (676 posts) -

Morning everyone. I started playing DOTA 2 last week. For whatever reason I decided to go support mainly playing Warlock. If anyone is looking for a team member please feel free to add me on steam or send me a PM.

FYI I am in grad school at the moment so I prob wont be able to play most nights until after 10 or until my homework is done.

SteamID http://steamcommunity.com/id/gadgetron/

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#68 Posted by preacher5571 (16 posts) -

Steam Name: Jack Wagon

Location: Maryland (EST/EDT), weeknights/weekends

Experience: Beginner, played a few bot games; lvl 23 in LoL, so I'm familiar w/ the concept

Favorite Hero/Role: none/any

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#69 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2429 posts) -

Your steam name:


Your location and what times you are available to play:

location: Canada, east coast

Available times: Let's say Sundays 2->5pm Atlantic time

Experience (beginner/intermediate/veteran): Just started

Favourite Hero/Role (Support/carry/any/etc): Sven, who I think is a carry/ganker?

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#70 Edited by Nakirendral (85 posts) -

Your steam name: Nakirendral

Your location and what times you are available to play: NYC (EST) available mostly after 9pm until midnight - more frequent on weekends

Experience: Beginner, but getting better!

Favourite Hero/Role: Omniknight! Love to heal dat Ass.

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#71 Edited by pualbunyan (5 posts) -

Your steam name Paul Bunyan (steam avy is same as my GB avy)

Your location and what times you are available to play central US, can play mostly anytime im online

Experience veteran (currently 1223 hours on main account. a bit rusty as i havnt played in a couple weeks but i keep up with most of the pro matches)

Favourite Hero/Role any

EDIT: please be in any of the GB steam groups or ill assume you to be wanting to trade and not accept.

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#72 Posted by cornwalliz (220 posts) -

Steam: Dr Cornwalliz

Location: U.S East, most nights 9 pm till midnight

Experience: Intermediate

Favourite Hero: Warlock/ Support

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#73 Posted by Skanker (284 posts) -

Steam: Let's Positive Thinking

Location: Usually US West.

Experience: Over 500 hours played.. intermediate I guess.

Favorite Role: I play anything. Mostly support.

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#74 Edited by mrmud (27 posts) -

Steam: MrMud

Location: EU West

Experience: 250+ games in Dota2, 1000+ games in LoL so thats intermediate?

Favorite Role: 700+ of my games are probably as supported carry (in various stages of premade games) but I can play whatever.

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#75 Edited by Nickieroonie (166 posts) -



You guys done chose some interesting Steam names.

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#76 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Don't forget to join the in game GIant Bomb chat channel.

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#77 Edited by Mr_White (4 posts) -


UsWest players only..

Former DXD player.

Experience: Maybe too much.. Send me a friend request. ONly serious dota players.. None of that bullshit I wanna try and learn a hero.

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#78 Edited by estus1 (4 posts) -

Steam: estus1

Location: US East US West

Experience: Over 300 hours played.. intermediate I guess.

Favorite Role: Support Support and more Support

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#79 Posted by godzilla_sushi (1353 posts) -


Southern California

Upper Intermediate

Sand King, Pugna, Zeus

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#80 Edited by madpierrot (98 posts) -

Steam: madpierrot21

Location: Japan (just for reference, 13 hours ahead of east coast time)

Experience: Very, very beginner (only played about a dozen bot matches)

Favorite role / hero: Don't really think I can say yet. I guess maybe pusher / support. Also Dark Seer is the only hero I've played multiple times so far and he seemed pretty cool.

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#81 Posted by DreamAgain (49 posts) -

I want to get in on this!

Your steam name DreamAgain

Your location and what times you are available to play: Mountain Time, night time.. most nights

Experience Veteran

Favourite Hero/Role Off-Lane or Mid Semi-Carry or Hard Carry.. Favorite hero is Invoker. I also like Kunkka, Dark Seer, Slark

http://dotabuff.com/players/7282079 my dotabuff profile

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#82 Posted by Nime (562 posts) -
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#83 Posted by Merzalof (64 posts) -

Steam: lockevincent

Location: Canada (MST)

Experience: Intermediate (250 hours played)

Favorite Role: Whatever the team needs (ganker if I need to choose)

I'm always up for games - especially teaching new players and doing Draft scrims.

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#84 Edited by KingRingtail85 (64 posts) -

Steam Name: Holmes McFly

Location: Iowa

Experience: Beginner (mostly play practice matches vs bots)

Favorite Hero/Role: Currently play a good amount of Kunkka (sp?) but I am always wanting to learn new characters/roles

I do wanna get good at this game so I am always ready for help, do some co-op bot matches so I can get items/battle points, etc.

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#85 Posted by JonDavis (632 posts) -

Steam name: JMDavis

Location: CST, night, weekends

Experience: Beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: You tell me

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#86 Edited by LeavingLasVeags (4 posts) -

Your steam name: [BS] Leaving Las Vegas (http://steamcommunity.com/id/g3s/) (only visibly to logged in Steam users)

Your location and what times you are available to play: US East Coast (any time when I'm on)

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: (Support & semi-carry) I like playing support roles like Jakiro and Venomancer, but I've messed around with, and enjoyed, some semi-carry like Dragon Knight. I don't enough about builds to really do full on carry. :/

Basically, I'm a very new player who understand the underlying fundamentals, but wants to learn the higher functions of the game. I like playing team-based games and I'd like to expand into DOTA2. Not looking for anything hardcore. Just a group of people willing to teach some newbies the ropes and looking to have a good time, whether you win or lose. If it matters at all, I'm just over 30 years old (32 to be exact).

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#87 Posted by Pathos (227 posts) -

Steam name: ranabir

Location/time zone: Melbourne, Australia. GMT +10.

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: No one at the moment really, though I am partial to Morphling and Venomancer since they're beginner-friendly. I prefer ranged units because I have more chance of escaping encounters. I've learned that avoiding deaths can be more useful than getting kills.

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#88 Posted by MrSong (2 posts) -

After playing this game for close to 200 hours Ive had enough of pugs and looking for pre made groups to play with and have fun.

Your steam name: choisong

Location: East Coast.USA

Favourite Hero/Role: I love playing support, but Im also good at other roles as i play a good bit of random.

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#89 Posted by Encognegro (40 posts) -

steam name: The Lord Bishop

Location & Times: US West, PST, Available mornings from 7AM-12PM and Weekends Until 7PM

Experience: Beginner

Favourite Hero/Role: Favorite Hero so far are Axe, Lifestealer, and Windrunner and I will play to learn any role.

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#90 Posted by RadioFlyer (33 posts) -

Steam Name: boonerboner

Location: East Coast, USA

Available Times: Weekends, and weekday afternoons and evenings (subject to change when summer classes roll around)

Experience: I've played a solid chunk of League of Legends, so I have MOBA experience. I've played zero DOTA 2 so I'm gonna say beginner.

Fav Role/Hero: I play bruisers in league like Darius, Renekton, Garen and Jax. Any characters like them?

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#91 Posted by McGrittles (96 posts) -

Steam: McGrittles_SexySexMan

Location: Beast Coast USA

Avaliable Times: Evenings Erryday

Expearence: I have around 520 matches played

Fav Role/Hero: I like playing a semi carry jugg or natures prophet, I like killing stuff without suffering all the blame if we lose

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#92 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

Your steam name Daveyo520

Your location and what times you are available to play EST most of the time.

Experience Beginner

Favorite Hero/Role Windrunner

I just started to play last week and am not that good. I tried to play LoL and gave up but I want to learn how to play this. Knowing how to play a MOBA seems like a thing to need to know these days. I have played with @onimonkii a bit.

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#93 Posted by frankxiv (2589 posts) -

I just started to play last week and am not that good. I tried to play LoL and gave up but I want to learn how to play this. Knowing how to play a MOBA seems like a thing to need to know these days. I have played with @onimonkii a bit.

I am the guy mentioned here, I can vouch for all of this as true lol. Just messin, we were playing with my friends of mine who are of much higher skill level, I thought he did fine.

As for myself...

Your steam name: onimonkii

Your location and what times you are available to play: PST, sunday nights, mondays & tuesdays.

Experience: Beginner

Favorite Hero/Role: I really enjoy Clinkz but I'm bad with him early game, I somewhat understand Crystal Maiden, Viper was the first dude I felt comfortable with, Drow Ranger seems criminally easy to do good with. Still branching out to find the right hero...

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#94 Posted by Spence_5060 (412 posts) -

Hey I would love to form a regular group of guys to play with. And would be devoted to play with.

My steam name is Spence5060

I live in the US Pacific time zone and usually play most days and nights and most weekends when I'm not working.

My experience level would definitely be between an intermediate and beginner level. (I don't need much explaining on any facet of the game.)

And I usually go with a carry or support role. Main characters I play are Sven, Vengeful Spirit, and Sniper. But have been trying out new characters to see what else I like.

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#95 Posted by Sovietdancnbear (125 posts) -

Steam: Sovietdancingbear

Location: USA East, 10pm to 1am

Experience : beginner

Favorite Hero: Support Lich

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#96 Edited by KonradBM (143 posts) -

Steam Name: devilb0y

Location: UK

Experiece: Beginner (can beat Medium bots consistently)

Favourite Hero: Jakiro, Centaur Warrunner & Shadow Shaman

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#97 Posted by vickpk (2 posts) -

Steam Name: VickPK

Location: Europe(Romania) can play on both EU servers.

Experience: I played like 3 years of DotA and have been playing dota 2 since 2011. I can play any role but im at my best with carry's.

Favorite hero/role: Lina, phantom assasin and Alchemist.

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#98 Edited by beak (2 posts) -

name : Beak other steam name could be: abergil1

time i play : whenever im online haha, no schedule really

experience : intermidate-experienced

favorite hero : Bounty hunter- PL - Drow Ranger...

feel free to add me whenever.

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#99 Edited by raiNt_t (3 posts) -

Your steam name - http://steamcommunity.com/id/prayformercy/ second account

location : Ukraine (Eu) anytime day/night

Experience- veteran oldschool 10 years practice in dota played in sltv pro series/

Favourite Hero/Role - Support (captain) Favorite hero - Wisp/ Kotl, SD, Jakiro, Leshrak,Undying,Lina, Venom, Veng, <3


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#100 Edited by raiNt_t (3 posts) -

Your steam name - http://steamcommunity.com/id/prayformercy/ second account

location : Ukraine (Eu) anytime day/night

Experience- veteran oldschool 10 years practice in dota played in sltv pro series/

Favourite Hero/Role - Support (captain) Favorite hero - Wisp/ Kotl, SD, Jakiro, Leshrak,Undying,Lina, Venom, Veng, <3


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