The Defense Finals

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The Defense Finals happened yesterday, did anyone get a chance to watch the matches? (If you missed them, the VODs can be viewed here:

There was a lot of lag / disconnect problems due to so many people trying to connect to the server. But outside of that the games were some of the best Dota 2 games to date. It also shows a real promising future with 35k+ people on Tobi / Purge stream then I believe it was also streamed in different languages but am not sure the numbers on those streams.

Don't want to spoil the outcome just yet since it was really recent but was there any gameplay stuff that stood out to you guys? The biggest thing I saw was neither team fearing the Anti-Mage and didn't even pick up OD. It seems that most teams have done a really good job working on dealing with AM and now are using those bans for Invoker / Chen or any other hero they fear against their lineup.

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Caught the first game. Dendi's Windrunner is legendary.

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