The "I am new to Dota" Beginners Guide

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#51 Posted by venessa2012 (11 posts) -

@Ben_H: very Thanks for sharing your experience. If all players are like you, this game will become more popular.

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#52 Posted by Christoffer (2356 posts) -

Watching some streams of Dota 2, and reading about it here, makes me excited on one side, and terrified on the other. My issue is that it sounds simply amazing, but as much as I would like to sink hours into the game and get good at it, the reality wont allow that kind of behaviour.

So I could start to read those guides and watch those videos. But I wouldn't have the time to play more than 2-3 games max a week (at the moment at least).

So is there any chance to enjoy this game at a more leisure jump-in-jump-out level? I mean, a learning curve of a hundred hours? that will take me a lifetime.

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#53 Edited by indiefinch (252 posts) -

@Christoffer: Oh yeah you will be able to enjoy it. Just don't let the ragers get to you, put them on ignore. Then if you continue to watch streams / read will make it easier to figure things out. The problem I think most people have is they go into it thinking they are good at video games and will dominate at Dota quickly. You can play 1000 hours, yet still be considered a low tier player...not many games are like that.

The thing I would suggest if you are only able to play a few games a week, find a few heros that you think look cool / have a ton of fun with...then play them. If you try to random or play a new guy every game, you will be overwhelmed and not have much fun. But by focusing on a few different heroes you can use those few games each week to become the best that you can at that specific guy.

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#54 Posted by Pie (7347 posts) -

This game is crazy. You're all crazy. How is this game so popular. I hate you all.

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#55 Posted by CastroCasper (1553 posts) -

Anyone still playing and want to play? I have been trying to get into it but it seems/is a lot more better with teamwork.

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#56 Edited by benstewart84 (24 posts) -

I plan on reading up on the game today and tomorrow and playing some BOT games tomorrow night.

Let's see how I go!

Is it a must to have a mic when playing with "real" people?

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#57 Edited by indiefinch (252 posts) -

@kurtdyoung: Join the GiantBomb chat channel in game. Since Brad took an interested in Dota the amount of people in that channel has grown by at least 200+ at any given time during the day. Most are new players looking for other new players.

@benstewart84: A mic is useful, but not a requirement. Some people use the in game audio and some people use outside programs like skype or mumble to communicate.

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#60 Posted by benstewart84 (24 posts) -

might give you a shout mate!

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#61 Posted by Anobix (56 posts) -

Going to try to get into this game. I try to make myself relatively well-rounded with different types of games, but I haven't done much of anything with MOBAs (only a handful of bot matches of LOL)

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