The link between Russians and Dota 2

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@pingu44 said:

My point is though, there are assholes with bad pings and worse attitudes everywhere, the idea that this is uniquely Brazilian or Russian or anything is rubbing me very much the wrong way. I know an American guy who has spent more time in the low priority queue than he has the main one, does that call for a post lambasting American Dota players? I just don't get why race specifically is a thing here, I don't think there any more Russian assholes than there are of any other nationality.

It's not a race thing, its a geography thing. It's not that Russians or Brazilians are particularly shitty people. It's that they are as equally shitty as everyone else AND they have horrible ping + can't speak/understand English.

If Dota2 is a community pool that lot's of little kids have peed in it, Russians/Brazilians are the kids that have pissed and shit in it.

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#52 Posted by Entus (256 posts) -

Queue with friends.

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#53 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -


That assumes

1). we are solo queuing.

2). We are objectively bad at playing the game and bad at understanding the game.

That's probably true for some people but for a decent percentage that just doesn't hold water. If I am playing with at least 2 people (so that more than half of the team is people I can rely upon) I don't think it's too much to ask that the rest of the team be competent. I'm not asking for great, I'm not even asking for good, I just want someone who can do basic things reliably like call missing in a language that the rest of the team can understand, or carry a tp so that if a lane is getting swarmed they can provide assistance.

I don't expect randoms to smoke gank, stack jungle camps, deward, hunt couriers, or solo offlane. If you are telling me I can't even expect randoms to do things like call missing or speak in an understandable language to the rest of the team than we have very different expectations for dota 2 and frankly human beings in general.

1. No that assumes THEY are queuing solo. They want a highly coordinate team play and people who have been randomly match to suddenly do it because someone picked a hero is kind of crazy. Oh and someone doesn't speak English. Exactly what is the real problem here?

2. I like how people can sit back and arbitrarily decide who understands the game and who doesn't. Guess what the guy who doesn't speak English is probably thinking in their language?

This whole topic is a giant "Meh". A team of random players has two Carry going in different directions, which way do the Support/Nukes go? On a coordinated team with team communication, this would never happen but it happens all of the time in public matches where actually neither Carry were wrong, both know what they are doing, but neither can't succeed without the team in coordination. Who is the player not being competent in this all too common pub scenario?

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Or you people could learn another language , and practice it in dota2

Edit: Heck Spanish is THE MOST spoken language in America (its one continent) also the second most spoken "native" language in the world ... I think you lil boys can do some effort.

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@aetheldod said:

Or you people could learn another language , and practice it in dota2

Edit: Heck Spanish is THE MOST spoken language in America (its one continent) also the second most spoken "native" language in the world ... I think you lil boys can do some effort.

Are you honestly saying that North and South America aren't two separate continents? Do you also think that Europe and Asia are one continent because they are connected by land?

If people are going to learn a second language (which I think is a great idea) there are definitely more productive languages to learn than spanish. Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi are all languages that would make you much more marketable if you were to learn them than Spanish.

@extomar: I don't know why you feel that the situation is so black and white, either a coordinated team or not. There can be a middle ground and we can and should expect that even random players we are queued with strive to hit that basic level of competence and coordination. I'm not talking about a situation where someone picks carry and then thinks he's a god and therefore can yell and scream at everyone. I'm not talking about situations where four carries are picked because no one wants to play support. Those are lost causes regardless of the nationalities involved or languages spoken.

I'm am talking specifically about non native speaking players who choose to queue on primarily English speaking servers (and not servers closer to them that would most likely include people who speak their own language) and then get angry when asked to speak English in game. They chose to queue on US East instead of South America, they should either make sure they can communicate in the language most commonly spoken in the area or just not queue in that server.

The roles would be completely reversed if I (living in NYC as I do) were to queue on the South American server, or even on the EU West server. In either case I would be bringing down the team with my shitty ping and quite possibly inability to communicate with the rest of my team.

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#56 Posted by Three0neFive (2380 posts) -

I dunno if it's been mentioned at all yet but there's a really nifty translator available for Dota 2 that'll help alleviate some of those miscommunication blues. It's not perfect but it works with a multitude of languages and usually you can get a good idea of what they're trying to say.

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@twigger89: All of Central and South America and Mexico (which its part of what you like yo call North America) consider America 1 continent , the US (dont know if Canada) over their high horse thinks that it is not. (Remember America is named suposedly after Americo Vespucio , and in our countries that its the official story and why America is 1 continent ... thanks to the Spaniardsand him). I´ll give you Chinese , but Arabic or Hindi???? Maybe in Europe but in America it is spanish.

Anyway about the servers ... well the US has no official language so in theory no one is forced to speak in english and if we consider Mexico part of the North American territories (not continent :3) well we have all the right to speak in Spanish , unless the EULA of Dota2 says otherwise.

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#58 Posted by ThatFrood (3471 posts) -

reading this thread is really surreal

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with expecting clear communication as a part of a team based game.

I wouldn't join a Russian server expecting them to speak English, and I'd kind of expect the same courtesy if someone is going to a server in a majority English speaking region.

It's different where the game isn't very focussed on teammwork, but if it is, well fair enough. If I was playing football, I'd expect my teammates to be able to communicate. Same rules apply.

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#60 Posted by Imst (65 posts) -

Yeah lots of problem exist in language barrier :(

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Well tough shit to you Slavophobes, because Russians aren't going away any time soon as after Germany, Russia is Steam's biggest market in Europe. About a year ago Steam started listing in prices in roubles. The downside is we've ended up with a reverse "No Oceans" in that some games are delayed even more when coming to Russia and CIS states than "Old Europe" in comparison to US.

There's probably other shitty factors like a poor infrastructure in Russia incapable of accommodating the several million players of this country, leading those dastardly swine to invade your precious servers.

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Wait, what is even the arguement here? When it comes to flame or assholery I'm more averse to englishspeakers since I actually know what they are saying. But at the same time trying to win a team game with people who don't understand you is very, very frustrating. Either way, a bad time was had and lessons about queuing with randoms were learned.

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