What is this strange new stuff?

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#1 Posted by Christoffer (2325 posts) -


Just realized this symbol. Don't know if it's been there before but I haven't noticed it. What does it mean?

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#2 Posted by Benny (2009 posts) -

Means they're in a group.

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#3 Posted by Christoffer (2325 posts) -

@benny: Oh, thanks. When did they add this?

And I don't like it. I was the only one communicating in this game. Knowing 3 of them was in a group and didn't communicate at all... :( Well we won because of them so I guess it was worth it.

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#4 Edited by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

@christoffer: They added it last week with 6.79 and it only shows at the end of the game.

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#5 Posted by Imst (65 posts) -

Yeah...it means they were on a party when they played the game..it only shows after the game though..

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