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Hub, commonly known by the codename "Double H," is a former member of the Hillyan army, now working as an agent of the IRIS Network.  While infiltrating an Alpha Section factory to uncover evidence that the Alpha Section was kidnapping Hillyans, he was captured and exposed to the Domz mind to erase his will and thus re-create him as an Alpha Section soldier.   Jade rescues him as part of her first major assignment for IRIS, and brings him back to their headquarters to detoxify his partially-corrupted mind.

From then on, he is a loyal ally, accompanying Jade on her subsequent missions for IRIS.  The Alpha Section armor he continues to wear allows him to pass through laser barriers and shield the blows of enemy Alpha Section soldiers.  The armor is also strong enough that he can charge helmet-first through doorways protected by metal bars, opening new areas for him and Jade.  During combat, he can smash the ground with his hammer, jolting certain enemy types into the air so Jade can bat them into barriers or other enemies.
He often quotes the Carlson & Peeters training manual used by the Hillyan military.

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