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    Double Jump

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    A double jump is the ability to jump while already in mid-air to get some extra lift. In reality, double jumps are not possible and violate fundamental laws of physics.

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    Double jumping is a commonly used game mechanic where the character can jump once, then in the air jump again. Though it is most commonly used in platform games, double jumping can also be seen in action games. Fighting games and third-person shooter games have also used double jumps, but far more rarely.

    Games with Double Jump

    Dragon Buster

    Supposedly the first game to feature a Double Jump, it was released in 1984.

    Legacy of the Wizard

    This game had a cheat that let the player perform a second jump from mid-air.

    Team Fortress 2

    The Scout in Team Fortress is the only class capable of Double Jumping, as befits his speed and agility.

    Devil May Cry

    The protagonists of the devil may Cry series have had Double Jump in them; in this game though it is called the Air Hike. When used, the character seems to create a magical platform below his feet from which he can jump again.

    Super Smash Bros.

    Nearly every character in the series is capable of performing a Double Jump, even players that in their own games are unable to do so. Characters unable to Double Jump have flight as a substitute.

    Castlevania Symphony of the Night

    In this installment of the Castlevania franchise, the player could obtain an item called a Leap Stone that allowed him to Double Jump. Instead of performing an actual second jump though, Alucard's cape turns into wings and boosting him up. Since then, nearly every Castlevania game has an item that allows the player character to double jump.


    Protagonist Raz can use his psychic abilities to jump on a bubble of psychic energy granting a double jump.

    Sonic 3 and Knuckles

    Sonic cannot normally double jump, the electric shield power-up grants him the ability. While Tails and Knuckles can also collect the shield, they can not use it to double jump.

    Crash Bandicoot: Warped

    Crash unlocks double jump after beating the second boss Dingodile.

    Unreal Tournament

    Double jumping debuted in UT 2003 and UT 2004 and allowed players to do trick jumps and help players in avoiding projectiles and disturbing the other players, it also helped in reaching areas impossible to reach with a single jump. There is a mutator which allows players to quad jump and this allowed the player to jump at similar heights as we could do in the previous unreal games with the jump boots.

    The third game in the Unreal Tournament franchise, UT3, also featured a double jump.


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