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Does anybody know more about the history of the double jump, i.e. in the 2D days it was rather unpopular and used only by a tiny few games, while in the 3D platformers it is nearly omnipresent, with Mario being one of the few exceptions? Is it just because it allows to correct the jump direction mid air, those giving you a way to compesate for bad camera that you often get in 3D or are there any "deeper" reasons why double jump is used so often? I for one really don't like double jumps, since they feel very unnatural and steal the whole dynamic from jumping, i.e. in Mario64 doing three jumps in a row gives you a fluid motion and added height, while a double jump in other games pretty much halts you in the air, making the movement much less fluid.

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lol that was in every game in the 90's

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Double jumps are stupid. Wall running is much cooler.

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